Movie Review – Long Lost – Harlan Coben

Nine years ago, Myron Bolitar ran off to a desert island with Terese Collins, both losing themselves in each other, trying to avoid the pain of their lives. Now she calls him from Paris, asking for help. Myron flies to meet her and finds himself in a whole lot of danger fighting to find the truth before its too late.

A Harlan Coben book is like a guilty pleasure without the guilt, its so enjoyable to sit down and read his new book whenever one is released but even more so when Myron is in the story! Myron Bolitar is a guy who cannot help trying to do the right thing even when it causes discomfort and pain for himself. He is the proverbial good guy and a lead character who is very easy to root for.  Of course, if Myron is the one half of the equation, then Win (Windsor Horne Lockwood III) is the other half. The most wonderfully twisted psycho ever to grace the pages of a book. Win is truly a one off and as such, a complete joy to read as he goes through life doing what he wants, when he wants and with whom.

Long Lost starts off with a reunion and quickly twists the plot until you really don’t see the final twist coming until it bops you between the eyes. Throwing terrorism into a plot about a lost child and murder and it takes a very talented writer to keep the reader from becoming confused. Luckily Mr Coben has talent to spare.

Long Lost is yet another great book by Harlen Coben. The only shame is that now I have to wait months for his next book.

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