Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro


Not quite a romance novel and just touching on science fiction… Life at Hailsham seems ideal for Kathy H, the story’s narrator, and her good friends Ruth and Tommy. It seems like a picturesque English boarding school, where students are well tended to, well nurtured, and allowed to grow and flourish. They learn to have a fine appreciation of art, literature, and poetry, and are involved in plenty of outdoor activities and kept in excellent health. Kathy regales us with stories of her life at Hailsham, growing up with her good friends and their ups and downs. But, oddly, we never get a look at life outside of Hailsham and neither do they…

It isn’t until they leave Hailsham at the age of 16 that they start to find out what Hailsham really is and what their life is all about…


What did you think about the main character?
Kathy’s story seemed like a very simple story about a typical girl in her 20s would tell about her life as a student. She tells you about her ups and downs, heartaches and small triumphs. You get to really like Kathy – her story both interesting and heartfelt. She seems almost too “normal.” She’s very honest – tells you the story like she remembers it and lets you know when what she remembers might not be 100% accurate. Some things she tells you about are never fully explained and you’re always left a little curious and confused. It isn’t until you reach the end of the book why you find out this is so important..


Did you like the way the book ended?
I loved the way this book ended. Everything came together – but not in the “hit you in the face, didn’t see it coming” kind of way. It was more like a flower blooming; the explanation coming like the dawn. The only thing you can say is “Oh my God…” It almost makes you want to finish the last page and flip back to the first to read the book over again, just so you can see how all of the piece fall into place.


Favourite Quote:

I can’t tell you my favourite quote because it’s near the end of the story when you find out what it’s all about. Page 245 of the library’s copy. You’ll know it when you read it.

FYI: This book is on the St. Thomas Public Library’s Adult Book Clubfor June 2013.


Ruth’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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