One Second After – William R Forstchen

Professor John Matherson lives in Black Mountain, North Carolina, with his two daughters. He still grieves for his wife who passed away from cancer a few years ago. He works at the local college and is a respected member of the community. The community suddenly loses all power, in fact everything with a circuit board or computer dies and the residents of this idyllic town finds themselves facing unknown hardships just to survive.

It is hard to pigeon hole One Second After. In part it is a disaster book, in one part a scientific tale about what might happen, and in others, a story about a man and his family. The main focus is the survival of the community and perhaps because of that some of the other parts are a little light or even skipped completely.

John Matherson is an everyday man, nothing that makes him stand out from the crowd, but it is with him that we discover what has happened to Black Mountain and what the future may hold. His family and friends could easily be the readers neighbours. This isn’t a book where there are super heroes or extraordinary people running around. This is about realistic people struggling.

The book starts off slowly but once into it, the book was pretty much impossible to put down. The subject matter is both frightening and fascinating in equal parts. It is an intelligently written book that takes a very simple premise and explores what would happen based on this premise. One Second After is a book that will make you think for a long time after you close it.

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