Renovation of the Chruch

This book looks interesting. Just read an interview with the authors in which they say the following:

“For some years now, the church in North America has been terribly confused on this issue of relevancy. We thought that relevancy meant being like the surrounding culture, having a style and an outreach that would be very familiar and comfortable to those outside the church. The pursuit of relevancy sought to reduce the barriers that would keep people from coming to church. In many ways, we have been successful in this, and ironically, this is part of what has plunged us into our current state of irrelevancy… We are in grave danger of being simply ignored.”

“Increased attendance, when it is a byproduct of an authentic work of God, is a wonderful thing to be desired and celebrated. But it is an unhelpful and inappropriate thing to have as a goal.” Faithfulness to the pursuit of developing an authentic expression of a transformed and redemptive community should be our goal.”

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