The Summer I Became a Nerd

What a fun ride! On the front cover, Cole Gibson refers to “the laugh out loud dialogue.” I’ll admit I had my doubts. I thought the premise of Leah Rae Miller’s The Summer I Became a Nerd sounded great, but not many books make me LOL. (Hey, it’s young adult fiction. I’m allowed to use the short form.)

“I can almost feel her mom-brain-tentacles digging through my thoughts, looking for a lie . . .” What teen – or mom, for that matter – can’t relate?

And how about these words of wisdom from a seven-year-old? “Now I know what Dan is talking about all the time. High school girls are seriously crazy.”

LARPs and cheerleaders. Quarterbacks and comic books. They’re all here.

“I should be happy I’ve managed to thwart the drama pirate and return my best friend to her happy place. And I am. But I can’t stop a deep sigh from escaping as I reach for the bright blue rhinestones. Oh, NerdCon, your awesomeness will be missed.”

While there is a little “language,” I was able to look past it. I give this book four out of five sparkly painted ping pong balls.

Even though you may have left your youth behind some time ago – I know I did – it can be fun to explore the youth section of your local library and see what they’re reading these days. You just might find something you enjoy. And I won’t breathe a word of it. I promise.

Since I volunteered to write book reviews for the St. Thomas Blog Facebook page, a word to my local readers . . . Once I return The Summer I Became a Nerd, feel free to borrow it from the St. Thomas Public Library.

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