Velvet Whispers by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd

If you enjoy reading very poorly written soft porn, than this is the book for you.  I’m not a prude.  I love “sex in long skirts books” (you know the ones I mean) where it takes pages and pages of delicious prose to describe a passionate encounter by the naive but secretly wealthy girl and her arch-enemy turned lover.  In Velvet Whispers the delicious pages of prose have been replaced with two pages that basically say we came, he went in a very juvenile way.  The writing is the worst sort of corny porn imaginable.  The story is totally unbelievable.  I couldn’t finish the book.  In fact I didn’t even make it half-way and it is only 200 pages long.  I don’t know anyone I dislike enough to give this book to so the book is now in the garbage because that is where it belongs.

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