Opinions with an Accent

Student Walkout Wednesday


At 9:00am, Wednesday, June 15th, students from all St. Thomas high schools are being encouraged to walk out of their schools and meet up at Pinafore Park in a show of support for those teenagers who have mental health issues. To quote their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Mental-health-walkout-StThomas-1239510019423304/) “Walk out for all …

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Prayer for change? Change for prayer?


On Wednesday, April 15th, the Supreme Court of Canada passed down a decision that stated that reciting prayers at the start of municipal council meetings were a violation of Charter rights. For those who didn’t just take the citizenship test, Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms …

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A quick way to make $59K into $200K!


Want to make some money fast? Want to do it without any effort? Want a good return on your investment? These are statements usual associated with con-men who are looking for profit from dis-honest folk. You can think of the St. Thomas city council as the reverse of that. Rather …

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The Fatherhood Change


Photo by Andrew Mason It is well documented the changes a woman goes through after childbirth, both mental and physical but there is little written about the effects on the father. Granted the man does not undergo any physical changes but there are certainly changes mentally. There is the whole …

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Educating the Education System

When I attend school, back in the last century, my class mates and I considered it good when our regular teacher was away and we had a supply teacher in our class. It would often mean that rather than learning something we would sit in front of a 27 inch …

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Responsibility in the face of tragedy

The United States has had one of the rougher weeks in its history. First a cowardly attack in Boston killed and maimed those watching runners finish the Boston Marathon and then yesterday (17th April) a fire at a fertilizer factory in Texas caused a huge explosion that has killed an …

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Preventing the death of another child

The heart breaking news of the suicide of Rehtaeh Parsons this week brought a sick tale of alledged gang rape and the bullying that began afterwards. What made an already sad loss of life even worse was the lack of apparent investigation and no prosecution by either the school involved …

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The death of the DJ

It used to be that listening to the radio was a learning experience as well as a musical one. The voice on the other side of the radio speaker would play the songs, take requests, and talk about the music. A perfect example of this is Casey Kasem whose Shaggy-type …

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The real cost of ADHD

Attention deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder (adhd) and it’s more common relative, Attention deficit Disorder (ADD) are being diagnosed in children at an unprecedented rate. There is a fear that while many do have adhd or ADD to a greater or lesser degree, the diagnosis is being used as a catch-all for …

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Scouting around

It is a popular trend among parents to organize their children’s free time so that they are constantly occupied. Sports teams, music or dance lessons, even play dates which are often planned days or weeks in advance. This can cause stress and limited free time to relax and wind down, …

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Dear Women, here's what you need to know about sex!

I recently read an article on the Huffington Post by a lady named Trina Read (http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/trina-read/sex-tips-for-men_b_2876178.html) which was entitled “Dear Men, Here’s What You Need to Know About Sex”. I like to read these things as it always amazes me how wrong I am doing everything. I learn something new …

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Revamping Sex Education with P0rn

Warning. While not resorting to crude wording, there will be multiple references to both male and female sexual organs, acts of sex and other possibly icky things. Read on at your peril! For most of us, sex education in school thankfully a distant memory. There truly was nothing stimulating about a …

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It seems that since the Oscars there has been an increased focus on boobs. Part of it may be the now infamous “We saw your boobs” song that Seth MacFarlene sang, or perhaps it was the red carpet where plenty of side boob and see through dresses were, for once, …

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Do Cell Phones Belong In Schools?

In 1973, the first cell phone call was made. It was a Motorola phone but it took another ten years for the first publicly released cell phone to hit the stores, another Motorola product, the DynaTEC. It was a bargain at a price of just $3,995! Cell phones the size …

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