Opinions with an Accent

Death with dignity

I have been very lucky in life, my parents are both still living, even if sometimes they appear to be straight out of a George Romeo movie. I have not lost many people and for that I am thankful. How to handle death is a very personal matter. Some grieve …

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The man card

Yesterday morning, I nearly handed in my man card. The man card is a fictional card that all men are given once they become a man. It is a honour to have such a card but there are always dangers of losing it. There are many ways to lose the …

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State of the Bunion Speech

Ladies, gentlemen, and those millions watching on television at home, today, now, this is the state of your St. Thomas Blog website as we stand right now. Last Friday, we held our first, but surely not last, office party and much silliness was had by all. Thank you to all …

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