Thanking the Catholic School Principal and clearing up some misconceptions….

As I was dropping off my daughters at their CATHOLIC High School, I was listening to Christina Blizzard on the radio. With the recent columns and debate in the papers about Catholic schools opening up Muslim prayer rooms I was very tempted to respond back. My daughters are the only …

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Have you Lost a Part of You?

How many times do we take a step back and take an inventory of where “we” are in our relationships? Like any good business we must regularly check what we have in stock in order to know what have and where we need to do some work. I am not …

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On Lonliness

There are times in our lives when we are meant to be on our own, there are times when we wish we were alone with no one around, and yet no matter the situation we are never truly alone. We may feel lonely at times, but we are never alone. …

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