Custom Critter Care Pet Photo Contest

Surprise!  Cruise Critters

For the month of October, 2011 Custom Critter Care is having its first ever pet photo contest!

Photos can be submitted via the Custom Critter Care Facebook Page or email address, both are listed below.

Get your camera ready and send in your photos before the contest closes! Remember CREATIVITY COUNTS!!!!

The winner will have their photo posted on and receive a $20 credit to use towards any custom critter care services, not to mention pride and bragging rights for you and your pet.

Contest rules as follows.

•It must be a photo (as opposed to drawing, painting etc.)
•Please tell us your name as well as your pets name and where you live (city/town)
•Generous limit of 5 photos/pet (but it only takes 1 to win!)
•Must be a resident of St. Thomas or Lynhurst to qualify for the Custom Critter Care credit
•All submissions must be received by 11:59pm
October, 31, 2011 or