100% Honesty

I bumped in to a friend of a friend online the other day. I’m naturally curious of people that put themselves out there and try to communicate with the world. Even more so if it’s done well. I’ll usually check it out and move on, but this time I checked out her blog, kept it open in my browser because I thought that for sure I needed to know more..

She is on a 100% honesty run for a year. No white lies, no lies, only 100% honesty. My first though was wow. Then I thought, as truthful as I try to be all the time, I’m sure that that would be a challenge for me to try to do. Really?? Well… I had to really be honest with myself. Am I REALLY always truthful? Well?

Good question.

So I read through her “About” page to start. Hooked I am. (insert your best Yoda voice for that last sentence). Lindsey says that she found herself living a double life. One person at work and the other person the rest of the time. And I’m thinking to myself… do I do that? And then I realized that I AM my work, so if I’m ever being deceiving then, well, I deceive myself don’t I?

100% honesty. I’m big into being truthful, sometimes it can be downright blunt I suppose, and that’s not a good thing, however, simply reading the title of her blog challenged me, and challenged me hard, to really look into myself and be honest. Am I ever untruthful?

Yes. Can I change that? Yes. Should I? Yes.

So change I shall. I heard once that the older you get the harder it is to change. I call bull on that.

Go Check out her blog, tell her (and me) what you think. Challenged? I sure am.

One more thing. I’ve been cutting out extra stuff from my life and pursuing minimalism for a while. It’s going well. I’m not buying stuff anymore, I really resist it unless it’s totally necessary. Soooooo freeing… Consider this honesty thing minimalism for the mind.

Imagine less clutter in your own mind ultimately helping you to be more productive, helpful, full of love, and real.

Check out her blog!! http://soulfulcontrarian.com/


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