2011 And Beyond

2011 is behind us, and now we embark on a new year to fill our minds with learning, our lives with laughter, and our friendships with meaning. This was a banner year for me. I’ve made some decisions and choices that set me on a different path than the last few years. My decision is to make real connections with other real people, write songs with real meaning, and be as human as possible. Humans are the only animal on the planet that have the CHOICE to be compassionate, know right from wrong and make conscious lifestyle decisions. I believe being created like this puts a lot of weight on our shoulders to follow through with the best possible choices for our selves, our families, our friends and out social communities.

2011. The start of my solo career. First I want to thank you for joining me. And I want to ask you to continue to support my efforts to be a person of meaning to as many people as possible. Thank you for sharing me with so many people. Yes, I do music as my full time living, and no, I will not try to be aloof and hard to reach. I am as available as your next door neighbour, and I plan on staying that way.

This time last year I decided to put out a quick EP as Deni Gauthier, and not as a band or duo… a true solo effort. The result was “Man About Town”. The gigs followed, but not 3 and 4 a week like before. I chose quality over quantity. As a result I’ve reached more people that wanted to hear the music and freed up a lot of time to spend recording my follow up album, (It’s on it’s way :) and help produce music for some other people as well. I started in March 2011 with 32 Facebook fan page “Likes”, and now have over 2000. These are my valuable parters in crime, my friends, my supporters, the people that believe in me and the people I will not disappoint. Every person that plugs in to my social outlet I see as a personal friend on mine. I will not take that for granted.

Every song I write I do it to contribute to humanity, to influence positively and to connect meaning and music. It’s for you. Literally.

2012. The Gauthier family is cutting fat out of our lives. We are letting go of the noise, and the things that we are told we need, but have no real purpose. We are slowing down, we are taking time to be human. We plan on doing a backpacking trip this summer with our 4 kids ( 7, 6, 3, and 1 years olds) and our dog Tucker. We want to mosey through the forest, and teach our kids what it is like to be connected. I got a bike. A fixed gear commuter bike that I’ll use in town to get to my meetings and get groceries. Why burn fossil fuels when it’s totally unnecessary?

Musically, I’ll be gigging more. My new album will be available sometime in early February. At that point I will start on the next album right away. I plan on writing better songs. I have partnered with an organization that will allow me to reach globally (more on that later). I’ll be painting more as well. Time to paint again…

I plan on being a true friend to many. Please help me. Please pray for me. Please help me. Please partner with me.

What does partnership with Deni look like? Be my friend. Help me share the tunes. Show up at some shows so I can meet you face to face. Stay in contact :)

Thank you very much! So, here’s to 2012, I hope you find love, I hope you find peace. I hope it’s the year you deserve, and you deserve a good year.


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