Aaaaaand It's Morning

Yup… it’s coffee time. I actually went to be last night looking forward to coffee. I knew a guy once that would drink something like twenty cups of coffee a day. He was so obsessed about it he’d even eat anything he could that had coffee in it. Coffee Crisp, coffee cake, coffee flavoured stuff… no joke. His doctor told him to back off a bit because his behaviour was bordering on obsession. You think?

Obsession eh? Kind of like going back to the same song to re-edit and change stuff that doesn’t need it? One song is now 100% done! I’ll not go back to make any more changes. Thats a good feeling… 9 more to go now! Actually, I’m pushing more than 7 songs in the bag, but I’m waiting for my producer to get back to me on some of the edits. It’s a good feeling! I’m looking forward to getting these done.

I wrote another song for the album, and I’m recording “It’s Been A Long Time” again… I think that song deserves some more attention. And that will be that. Ten songs.

I was skyped in to a class my friend at Inkling Media Ken was teaching on social media last night because, well, I use social media a lot. In fact, I use it an awful lot! I was blown away yet again as to how far we’ve come in 5 years! I used my phone to communicate via video, hundreds of KM’s away in real time to a class of students.

Remember how the future was coming? I guess it’s here now. I was reminded of why I do what I do, and it’s because I actually like people. You are all amazing, unique and wonderful, and I’m happy to be able to create music that can lift up, comfort, be cranked, heard live and loved. I’m happy about that.

Anyway… enjoy the day!


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