Amy Winehouse dead…

And for some reason this really saddens me. I mean, people die all the time and I don’t blog about it. Michael Jackson was a big wow when he died, but something about Amy’s makes me think, and quite honestly saddens me.

She was 27. She was an incredible talent. I heard her singing described like this, “when she begins singing it’s like the windows of heaven open up and she’s doing what she was created for”. Thats probably more true than some know. She was obviously moving down the swirling tunnel of addiction, and of course the media enjoyed every add selling second Amy was in shambles, stumbling and slurring… What a world we live in.

I had heard her music before, but I took some time since her death to listen closer. I’ve watched several youtube videos, some of which she was obviously under the influence. It’s true. She was an INCREDIBLE talent. Part of what saddens me the most is when you search Amy in google images… You see the normal pro photos that one would expect, but tossed in are real raw photos of her crying, makeup smeared, mouth contorted. I think she was truly a tortured soul.

Now of course the label is going to scramble to release as much music as they can find that wasn’t released to capitalize on the publicity of her death. I’m not even saying this is bad, because maybe some of the money will go to her family? One can hope.

Talented, beautiful, tortured.

Makes me sad, because it doesn’t matter what we all say about what if someone had tried harder to reach her… it makes no difference because she’s already gone.

Well… on we trod. If you know anyone like Amy, pay attention.

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  1. I don’t really think it is fair to say ‘what if someone had to tried harder to reach her’. I believe she had a loving family, the spoke at her funeral, her father delivered a beautiful, heartfelt eulogy. Have you ever had to live around an addict? It is taxing on everyone involved. There are sometimes when the people trying to help have to step back and save themselves from an emotional breakdown. I have been involved with an alcoholic and has been addicted to several perscription for years, he is my best friend and the love of my life but while I am dealing with his mania I am ineffective everywhere else. We have a son and I have to step out of my husbands dark world and live the rest of my life. I had to leave, it broke my heart, I have to let him hit rock bottom because he is not listening to me. It does under no circumstances lessen my love for him, he is still my one true love, my best friend, frankly the love of my life. People can say I need to try harder to ‘reach’ him but how far do we go before we lose ourselves. I have been suffering from depression because of his addictions, I cry day and night, I have insomnia, I wait for the phone call saying something bad has happened. I have had to prepare myself for the worst. I have had to pick up the pieces of our lives and move forward. I did this for my son. I believe that many people tried to help, perhaps she suffering from a mental health issue, or maybe she just did not care, maybe she made a fatal error and took the wrong drugs, who knows, I believe the whole world paid attention to Amy Whinehouse, the whole world saw her suffer and no doubt the whole world begged her to get the help she needed. I am not shocked by her death, you could see it coming from a mile away. Perhaps instead of writing about Amy we should examine our own community and take the sympathy that we feel for Amy and forward that to someone who we can help in our city. Many people need it here, but don’t receive it.

  2. Agreed with the comment above. This is now old news, and we are so far away from it. There are those in need in our own yards. What is this blog for anyways, to comment on Hollywood and famous people, or is it for current events, what about Norway, and local businesses. So far it seems that this forum should be called ‘read if you want a drink recipe, love the new bar Kenny Iguanas (and since that bar is mentioned here by myself I would like to add who cares by the way, been there before, paint will not change that that place is a glorified hang out for an over egoed bunch of men and women who believe they are doing St. Thomas a favour by charging 17.99 for a brunch buffet on Sunday… please… and the brunch is not that great, no matter how many of Iguana’s friends think it is – and it is no different from any other place, cover bands, people blast certain bars for only hiring cover bands but these same people are on the Iguana site talking about how much they love the exact same bands that they just said they hate, pathetic) or want to read about things that interest the blog makers. Perhaps a name change is in order, should not be called the St. Thomas blog at all… you have to be involved in all of St. Thomas for that name. Stop with the Amy Whinehouse news… give us readers something that is actually important to us. I will not read this site again, pure waste of time.

  3. Hi Frederica,

    we are all entitled to our own opinions. What would you suggest we post about on the blog? Can you contribute something? We are always open to listening to suggestions but your post didn’t actually contain any suggestions. I am not sure if you read the Amy Winehouse post correctly but it was from another writer than the first person who wrote about her. As for Kenny Iguanas, it is a new business in St. Thomas, if we are not to cover such things, can you suggest what we should cover? What is important to you?

  4. I am posting these comments because I am tired of all the Amy Winehouse posts, you and your writers covered this news but the devastation in Norway seems largely unnoticed. Kenny Iguanas is a new business yes but I read your blog a few months back during a rant about a local festival having hired cover bands and how your blog said ‘not their cup of tea’ yet for some reason you are now taking suggestions on here for cover bands for the new bar. Kenny Iguanas is owned and managed by the same person who ran Burty Bob’s, they hired cover bands and their friends and are doing the same thing now so why is this okay for them to that then and now. Are you investors in this bar? I am just shocked, you list yourself as a St. Thomas blog, but all you cover is things you like… as a St. Thomas blog you should be going to local businesses and featuring them each month, picking an new or upstart small business every month to support, talk about all the lay offs in our town, support the Iron Horse Festival, talk about how to clean up Talbot St. (instead of allowing the people who dirty it up to actively blast the people in our community who try hard to make a difference and appeal to a wider mass of people). Take a look at the different parks, talk about the teens who use the teen center and the skate park, talk about our heritage and maybe read the local papers and pick up some of those stories for readers to comment on. Kenny Iguanas in the end will have approx. 300-400 people there per weekend, the restaurant end will fall off because the owners will go back to catering to the young ladies and meat heads like they did before, the bar will take over and it will be full of Kenny Iguanas favourite cover bands, and friends… you have over 1700 followers on Facebook alone and most of them will never be bothered to set foot in there. You are only catering to a very specific group of people. There is alot more to St. Thomas then just this stupid bar. You covered it once, now move onto something else. Stop giving these weasels so much credit. They will let you down in the long run. Or if you want to continue to cover this bar only, sometimes the Horton’s Farmers Market, and whatever is designed to make your blog look good then change the name from the St. Thomas Blog to Nathan’s blog and see how things go then. You are using the name of a city and misrepresenting what this blog is about. I would like to contribute to a worthwhile cause not this one sided promotion machine. By the way, have you lived in this city for long?

  5. Wow, I am pretty sure you can name a website anything you want, regardless of content. It is all very well suggesting that we cover different businesses, layoffs and other things affecting St. Thomas but since we both have full time jobs and a family, we don’t have the time to chat with people. We have asked several times in the past if anyone wanted to be featured or interviewed and the response was underwhelming to say the least. We always mention that we are looking for more writers but again, not that many are willing to contribute, so we are left with those who are willing to write something.

    You generally appear to have a passion for St. Thomas and ideas on what we should cover, we would love to perhaps have you contribute. Your ideas are very good, but for us, it is simply about logistics, we just don’t have the time to do all the legwork if no one is willing to meet us half way. I would seriously love to meet you, have a coffee and discuss your suggestions. It does sound as if you can contribute to the blog and we would love that. We have not ever mis-represented what this blog is about. We continue to add event details although as always, organizations seem unwilling to make the effort to get a little extra promotion. If this was a business with full time employees, we could get so much more done but as it is, work gets in the way of the work.

    It shouldn’t make a difference how long I have lived in the city, I am not comparing St. Thomas to anywhere else.

  6. You seem to have a real problem with Kenny Iguanas, problem in the past? After all, it is a new business and shouldn’t we be supporting it? The website was designed to promote events which wasn’t being done online. The rest as evolved. We made two Amy Winehouse opinions and that was all, not too sure where else you are reading ‘all the Amy Winehouse posts’.

    The difference between a local festival having cover bands and a local bar is just that, a local bar can have a cover band every week, a local festival should be able to do something different. Is this a wrong opinion to have about a local event?

    We are a one sided promotion machine? Thank you for believing we are a promotional machine, I believe that is what we have strive for. As for one sided, if there is no one else contributing, it will always be one sided won’t it.

    Talk about St. Thomas’s heritage? You mean the trains that no longer run here. I am so saddened by this but if you want a historical piece on these trains, the CASO website has a great one. No point in duplicating something.

    We are not catering to anyone in particular, but people don’t step forward like yourself, how do we know we are missing a mark that we are not aware of? If this is a one sided promotional machine (wow I love that term) surely your input will stop it being so one sided?

    So if I should only write about things that concern St. Thomas, does that mean that how women feel about their body doesn’t apply to them? What about adopting pets from the pound? What about hosting Crime Stoppers videos? It feels as if you are zeroing in on a small portion of the blog and ignoring the rest. What about the committees the blog gets involved in, the time and effort spent trying to improve St. Thomas that we don’t boast about online? What about the fact that no one else has stepped up to do this? I am afraid that while it is very easy to criticize, it isn’t so easy to help contribute.

    For Horton’s Market, we are luckily enough to be able to report their newsletter, we don’t create it ourselves so we are limited by when it is sent out.

    Why don’t you simply write something for us to help re-balance the focus onto what is going on in St. Thomas. You seem to have a passion, why not share it rather than complaining that we don’t do what you believe to be the right thing? I can’t believe that the New England Patriots have signed some players but if I complain nothing will happen. You have a chance to make a difference.

    I get frustrated that no one is willing to contribute and yet people are willing to complain.

  7. The attack on the local festival were unwarranted. The festival is a non profit organization that has to take the entire city into consideration not just a handful of people. They provide free family entertainment and I for one love their beer garden and enjoy the tribute acts that I can and see for free during normal hours. Unlike the bar I don’t have to pay to get in and can sit without even buying a drink and listen to music that I enjoy. Why should the organizers get critisized for that? Allowing critiques like this on something called the ‘st. thomas blog’ is fine, but the blog is called the ‘st. thomas blog’ and it should remain unbiased. If you want to critize the local festival do it from your own profile, but off of the blog. I first started reading this blog because I thought it would be like a paper, i take exception to two people saying they are the ‘st. thomas blog’ when they really are offering their own personal opinion, not all of St. thomas opinion. That I feel is not right and it is misleading to the general reader. I don’t want to contribute to a blog like this. I would contribute to a blog that is actually in reference to St. thomas. I have lived her for 42 years. I know this city and I know the people in it. I have had many terrible experiences at Burty Bobs when the man running it now was running, it was an extension of his ego and if you were a friend of his then you were treated with respect and allowed to get away with anything, pot smoking on the patio, drinking in the back, constant fights, aggressive bouncers who would kick out the wrong people because they were not ‘Kenny’s’ friends. I was assaulted in the bar and kicked out for defending myself, I don’t drink, and was accused of being drunk, it ruined my life for a while, I felt like I did something wrong, the owners laughed it off and gave the bouncers a pat on the back and celebrated making an overweight female feel like a crazy person. This type of behaviour will be allowed back there. I am merely saying you may not know the people you support as well as you think you do.
    I do try to make a difference, I volunteer for the local animal organizations, work with the underpriviledged and volunteer at Valleyview. I work with run aways in both St. Thomas and London, and actively try to get kids and young girls off the street. I am making a difference. By all means please write about how women feel about their bodies, and whatever football team is signing who, and support local businesses but try having a broader approach… their alot of hard working underpromoted talented people who are doing alot more for the community then Kenny Iguanas is. Get off the backs of local events like the festival. A girl I used to work with was a director there and they put up with alot of crap, from the public, and other volunteers, they work day and night for free, and for the most part people like the festival. Try going there and having an open heart and mind rather then feeling like the small handful of misguided people who are mad are right. I promise you if you don’t rely on this small group to guide your opinions you will be better off. And realize that there are people who have lived her for all their lives and would like the blog to make the city something more then the place where Kenny Iguanas is.

  8. Wow, you complain that we don’t cover new businesses and yet when we cover a new bar, it is wrong because you had a bad experience there once. You complain that this website isn’t what you would like and yet you are not going to try to improve it. It is very simple, if you don’t like reading this website, don’t. Read the paper, start your own St. Thomas blog, whatever you want to do you can but if you are simply complaining for the sake of complaining, then there is no point. It seems you are the only one complaining about Amy Winehouse, Kenny Bobs and the direction this website is going. I am sorry for you, but if you are just going to complain and not attempt to improve something you obviously enjoy reading, you are not part of any solution to make this site better. You are simply voicing your own opinions, something we apparently shouldn’t do here. You are writing a lot and yet not making creating anything positive, at least we try.

  9. oh and I am closing the comments on this post, as your rants have nothing to do with either Amy Winehouse or St. Thomas, just your opinions on what we are doing wrong (everything) and how much you hate Kenny Iguanas. If you want to continue this please feel free to contact us or 519.207.3713