Blah Blah Blah

Not blah, like it’s blah outside… Just too much noise.

I love hanging with people that do what they say they will do. To me this is one of the major character traits I look for in a friendship. There is something really special in knowing that when your friend says something it’s real, or it’ll be done. It actually makes me warm and fuzzy.

There is something spectacular in honesty. The kind where you know you can trust your friend with say… your bank account. Not that I recommend doing that, but having a friend that honest is an epic thing. In conversation now, you know that you can be open, and well.. honest.

When someone is humble I’m blown away. There is much to be humble about, if you know what I mean. I notice this in very successful business people, this ingrained humility, like they have nothing to prove. We all have nothing to prove. Ever think about that? Why do we try so hard then?

I’m impressed by love. You can see it in peoples eyes. I’m impressed because it’s worthy of it. Nothing really holds a handle to love… no thing, or any amount of good food compare to the feeling of truly being loved.

Being a blessing is paramount. To people you love, people you bump into, and people you don’t know. Give, and give more. Give out of an abundance mentality, because giving has nothing to do with stuff, but rather direct involvement with a human that in all reality has way less needs than we think. In all actuality, we need good FEELINGS more than we need good stuff.

If someone in hungry feed them, but we often don’t see that until we hit the inner circle. Be a blessing.


I’d like to be a blessing. I’ve got a free recording I did with my guitarist Dave with most of my new songs I’m in the studio recording right now. Take them and listen to them! Look forward to the new album, I’m working hard on it! :)

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