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It’s coming… the new album is on it’s way. Well on it’s way. I’ve blogged a bit about it, shared some samples of the music, some lyrics. The truth is that this album has taken the better part of 80% of my energy for quite a while now. It’s coming to an end. In a few weeks I’ll be able to launch a release date for the album and start promoting gigs to support the CD. I wonder if it’ll be a bit like giving birth in a way… eventually it’ll show up, around the time that it’s due, and then I’ll have to let it go and do what it what meant to do. To some degree I’ll detach myself from it because I want it to have it’s own identity. My lyrics, and the feelings in the music may not be how I feel today, or even what I’ve ever felt, but I know that they will impact.

So here is the deal. I’d like to give you more details through email. When it’s ready to be released I’d like to be able to reach you and tell you about it. This makes my job much easier, and I’m sure I can work in a little extra something for the people that trust me with their email address when it comes time to release the album.

Just drop your email address in the box there, and I’ll take good care of it :)

Be well!!

Oh… heres a sample tune for the new album. It’s unfinished, and rough.
It’s called I Need You. Enjoy


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