Do It For Love b side

i (am) hope is finished! And for about a week so was I… It took some monumental effort to finish the project, and by the time I played the CD release show and fired the album into cyber space I was ready for a break.

It always amazes me how much energy it takes to get an album tracked, mixed and mastered…

That said there are sometimes songs left over, or very different mixes that never see the light of day. Sometimes I mix a song and my producer tells me it sucks and I have to remix to the point where it sounds dramatically different!

Do It For Love is such a song. I’ve been playing it acoustically for a while now at my shows, and heard it differently than my producer did for the album. As a result of the new direction Do It For Love became the first track on the album and rocks quite a bit harder than what I had originally intended it to!

Anyway, here is the b-side version, download the Do It For Love.mp3 it and let me know what version you like better :)

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