OK, so here is the story.

I brought my 2 year old down to the studio today to try and get a giggle out of her… I thought that it might sound good on the end of a recording. (I’m recording a 10 song album right now)

So I brought her down, and she was loving it. She’s really musical, I mean really… she sings more than she talks, and does actions with her arms, it’s really something.

So when she heard the song, she started singing. And then I poked her and she giggled, and then she put her arms up in the air and sang (very dramatically) the ending to this song that I’ll let you hear below.

Do It For Love is one of the songs for my new album, this render is rough, and not all the tracks are done, but I’ll let you hear it. If you don’t want to hear the whole thing, just skip to the end and listen to my TWO year old finish up the song for me :)

Be patient while it loads…

OK, enjoy the song, and hop on Facebook to let me know if I should keep it on the ending :)


I’d like to be a blessing. I’ve got a free recording I did with my guitarist Dave with most of my new songs I’m in the studio recording right now. Take them and listen to them! Look forward to the new album, I’m working hard on it! :)

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