i (am) hope deluxe edition

It took me a while to get this done, but it’s here now. On Bandcamp only, we have just released the deluxe edition of i (am) hope for… wait for it… $12. The book has some great photos and notes on every song on the album including the 7 b-sides and acoustic/alternate mixes of a couple of songs on the album.

Go ahead and check it out at http://denigauthier.bandcamp.com/album/i-am-hope-deluxe-edition

This is Deni Gauthier’s i (am) hope album deluxe edition. Enjoy all the songs from i (am) hope with a 16 page digital book with lyrics and notes on every song in the album… learn Deni’s struggles and motives for writing the album and each song.

Enjoy all 10 songs, plus 7 b-sides and acoustic versions of the i (am) hope experience. Deni writes notes about the b-sides and shares stories about alternate mixes as well.
released 17 April 2012
Written recorded mixed and mastered by Deni Gauthier.
All songs written by Deni Gauthier.
Vocals, guitars, bass, percussion: Deni Gauthier
Keys, whulitzer, B3 and awesome: Steve Koning
Drums: Nathan Smith
Electric and lead guitars: David Faris
Electric and lead guitars on "I know You Know" & "You’re Beautiful": Josh Brix

You can hear and buy all my music and art here! http://denigauthier.com/store.html Enjoy!


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