I Am Hope

The songs just pop out sometimes. The struggle is to make them good… Well yesterday I had an idea for a song. I actually wrote two sets of lyrics, settled on the second one and wrote five or six variations of music for it, sang myself horse literally. My voice hurt at the end of the day. You can hear it in the demo I’ll post at the bottom of the page. The rough voice that is.

I’m trying to write songs of inspiration for this album. Still no working title yet, BUT, I wrote an album with my old group called theBetween called “Anthems For The Lonely”, and this album truly seems to fit that tittle better, so I may move in that direction for this album as well.

I want people to to feel something with this music, maybe hope. The song starts with a dark subject. The chorus is about hope. Sometimes when love, companionship, family and community let you down all that’s left over is HOPE. That can be a bleak position, but, hope is sometimes all we have to make it through the day.

Here are the lyrics.

I read by candle light.
To avoid the night.
I see no hope no end in sight.
I am the losing fight.

My daddy left today
Nothing I could say
I see my life shades of grey
I am what life betrays

I am hope

I am the dream that see’s you through the night
I am the open arms of wingless flight
I am the bands of strength that hold you tight 

I am hope…

I held my breath too long
Mind if I string along?
I can’t seem to find my own song
I am the weakest strong 

Here is the demo IT’S ROUGH, but it’ll give you an idea of where I’m going for the final version.


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