I Am Musician.

Someday the independent musician will be the new norm. Someday the scales will balance and everything the labels did to hold down anyone that could compete with them will all melt away and music can be what it was supposed to be again; open honest raw engaging… and the stigma of the "perfect sound" (and look) that corporations have told consumers to look for will be a fairy tale.  The musician will once again have a control over their art and be free of all the ideals that the big bucks have forced people to look for when shopping for music because they own the radio, they own the artist and they have the money to tell you what you like.  

Today the independents have never had it better because we now have a valuable distribution chain in iTunes and Bandcamp that never existed before.  We have a leg up because we can release music whenever we want, and reap all the profits.  We can treat our music and talents like a carpenter treats his business and we can win.  All that is left is to make sure our product is excellent.  But that doesn’t mean cookie cutter radio junk that labels push on to the masses.  

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.  I love what I do and I am always trying to improve an connect more with great people.  I believe in friends not fans.  I believe in making music that is relevant and real and speaks to people that transcends the top forty cookie cutter mould you’ve been fed for so long.  I believe in connections.  Real and honest.

Thank you for supporting indie music.  Thanks for knowing that hard working indies are worth their weight, and that their music is valuable.  Thanks for being my friend and supporting me on this journey.  Oh, it’s not easy!  It’s been a long time… a long time of very late nights (early mornings) head bobbing caffein driven nights of driving across the provence, a long time of learning how to write music, play new instruments, learn about things you’d never think a musician needs to know… unless of course, you are one.

Here I am.  I’m a full time, independent music maker, chord strummer, story teller, eq’er, guitar fixer, harmony singer, multi instrumentalist, label owner, diaper changer, web designer, photographer, do it your self musician.  

I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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