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As you may know, I’m recording a song on a tribute album from my favourite songwriter of all time. No other musician has impacted me more lyrically and through song then Michael Knott. He’s offered a lot, and he’s been true to himself… in fact, I’ve never known a more transparent “public” figure than Mike. All the good, the bad and everything in between. This is why I connected so strongly to the music as a teenager. I KNEW this guy was no fake. I can’t really describe to you how much this meant to me as a young musician aiming to be a career artist.

So needless to say when the opportunity arose for me to record a song, I jumped. Then I agonized on what song I should do! There are so many… The album that has been one of the most impacting to me (among many) was Grace Shaker. It opens with what must be the most depressing song of all time. I made the mistake of playing “Double” as an encore at a gig in Thunder Bay, and the previously enthusiastic crowd turned into distant eyed reflective silent students in 3 minutes time. We were able to conveniently slide off stage with no more opposition, and that was actually good, because we had run out of songs.

Many of the songs that I would have chose easily were already taken. That was fine because there were so many more, but it made my choice something more personal because I was now facing the more personal songs that I felt so strongly about but probably wouldn’t have immediately chosen.

Christ Saves, is the song that has resonated very deep in me, and so many others over the years. I hope I can do it justice. This is where I’m at as well. It’ll clear up where I stand on the issue and how I feel about Christianity, institution, and community. Well, maybe not, maybe it’ll just create more questions… No one ever said you could find without seeking eh?

Here are the lyrics to the song.

When a sick man needs a physician, sometimes the healthy come cutting instead of stitching,
When he’s locked by indecision, the selfish make him more dying than he is living.

One thing I’ve learned through my wrong ways,
One thing I’ve found in my day: Christ saves.

When a man falls from position, the crusade starts on a mission to make him feel more damned than he is forgiven,
When the righteous come in tripping, they take your words and they start twisting,
It makes you lose trust in ’em.

One thing I’ve found through my wrong ways,
One thing I’ve found in my day: Christ saves,
Christ saves.

And here is the very start of the song I’ll submit in September to be a part of the Michael Knott tribute album.

It’s acoustic, and vocals for now. Needs electric, drums, bass, violin, piano, in true Deni Gauthier fashion. I’m aiming to make it kind of epic. You’ll feel where I’m going when the second verse kicks in. Keep in mind, this is all rough right now, but enjoy!

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