Music As Art

Music should be artful… Everyone knows that, but not everyone supports it.

I’ll try to explain what I’m getting at. The music that we hear on the radio isn’t not art, but it’s certainly not always as artistically done as other non-radio/label supported artists are churning out right now. That’s a sweeping statement, something I try not to do, but for the sake of my point I’ll just keep on typing away here.

This age of music is very very different from the one I grew up in. I used to find music by going to the store, and now I never do that. Some of the guys I listened to in my teenage years are re-releasing their music independently on sites like Bandcamp, and this time around no one is taking a cut from their music. This is also really great stuff that you would NEVER hear on the radio. Now their music is being refreshed in a way, like it’s being released for the first time.

I’m finding so many other great, I mean REALLY great artists turning out fantastic music that have no support, and most have to work a day job to support their music. The fact is, 10 years ago, they probably wouldn’t have even had a chance to globally distribute their music like they can today let alone record their tunes and have it available for purchase.

So what am I saying? I think that these are the people worthy of your support. Lot’s of it. We live in a global community now, and social media has once again changed the game. Buying the music that you find worthy of your support is now the highest complement you can pay an independent artist. Because, yah, you can also find it for free for the most part.

What I’m saying is that real art is worthy of your hard earned dollars.

I’ve been told probably no less than 30 times this year to “not sell out”. I know what they are saying. They don’t want me to chop up the drums to they are absolutely perfect. They don’t want to hear my voice auto tuned. I don’t think that my supporters particularly care if my albums sound like Headly’s last album. What they wan’t is art. They want some real honest music that speaks to them on some level.

That what I aim to do. The radio formula has no place in my studio, as well as hundreds of fantastic musicians out there that aim to record real artful music. And they are worth of your support.

That is all :)

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