My Old Band

Every one that plays music will have it. The first band that ever went anywhere. For me it was called inroad. We were heavily influenced by Mike Knott, Primus, Radiohead, and all three of us played in the school’s jazz band at the time, so throw in some Stanley Clarke, Ray Brown and Jaco Pastorius to the mix, and this is what you get.

We won a battle of the band contest and went to a studio in Toronto to indulge in our very first real studio
experience. It was so fun, we thought we hit the big time. The band was made up of my self playing bass and singing, my brother Derek (an excellent guitarist) and drummer Adam King. Big loud and proud of it. Actually, it was rare that I’d let Derek even use a distortion pedal because I didn’t want to sound like every other grunge band that I heard on the radio… I just wanted us to be clean and loud and heavy without all the effects people were using back then.

As you may be able to tell, I learned to sing over the years, and I’m not so full of angst either I guess… :)

Here a track that I used to just love… kind of a Radiohead thing going on here.

This track has a bit of that primus influence I was talking about…

There’s one that in retrospect turns out sounds a lot like a Prayer Chain song
I used to love a ton…

OK, one more… this is a live track. We had a fun following and this was
recorded in the music room of our high school. It was PACKED. I don’t know
how we got permission to do it…

Welcome to 90’s grunge where it was more about the attitude than anything else!


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