On And On We Go

Writing again… always actually. I’m getting demos ready to record an acoustic album with Steve Koning my amazing piano player. We’ll be adding violin and cello and such to this one. The goal is to make a very very pretty album, introspective and thoughtful. Here’s the first demo. Oh… and don’t expect this album before the fall :)

“On And On We Go”

i’ve never seen the lighted beam i’ve never seen you in my dreams
i’ve never heard you like a voice felt like I never had the choice oh oh

but on and on we go… ya, on and on we go

but I know that you are near, i know because I feel it in the darkness here.
laying track in new frontiers, is better knowing you’ve been here

i can feel the light this way, it helps I’ve got my own display
cause open is as open does, and I’m not the man I thought I was 

something so profound you said, I can’t get it out my head
on and on and on and on we go.

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