The Choir

When I was young and impressionable, I used to go the Christian bookstore and spend hours listening to every album on the shelf. I only had enough money for maybe one album at a time, or I’d be faking it like I had the money and I was going to buy something but I didn’t, just so I could hear all the new bands. I remember one day my friend won a Choir album at a youth event… “Speckled Bird”. I was a bit jealous because the cover looked so cool. I was really into the alternative look back then and just the cover alone made me want to buy the album.

Off to the store I went. I heard noisy guitar, hooky melodys, incredible bass, and SAX! I was BLOWN away. The drumming totally caught my ear and as a young musician learning how to play bass I was transfixed. Out came the bass, and I learned every line on the album. It remains one of my favourite albums today.

The Choir dropped a new album today. I didn’t even preview it, I knew it would be good, just like all the other albums I’ve bought since the day I heard them in the bookstore.

I’ve since done some studio work with Derri (guitarist and singer) and managed to stay in touch with him. I’m a huge supporter, and of course I’d like to share them with you. I think you will love the creativity and melodies these guys crank out…


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