The Habits Of The Recording Hermit

I wake up. I rub my eyes because I didn’t sleep much. I wasn’t comfortable or something, which doesn’t make any sense, because I normally sleep so well. But this isn’t normal right now. I’m recording an album.

I check my phone, mostly to avoid getting up because I feel so sluggish. Ten minutes or so and I force myself out of bed. I put on the same thing that I wore yesterday, I ponder a shower… maybe this aft if I take a break. Nope, my piano player is coming over to record some tracks. I better hit the studio.

Coffee? Yes please. I kiss my wife, ruffle my boy’s hair, and I’m off to work. The basement studio.

I turn on the lights, wake up my computer, fire up Logic, and open a song I’m working on. I’ve recorded the acoustic tracks 13 times now for this one… I can’t seem to get the sound I want fast enough for this song. I think I’ll start on a different tune… The coffee is good, it has almond milk in it because I ran out of cream.

I have these thoughts, like, I should just read for a while, clear my head, because there is a lot of head clearing when you are in the rabbit hole. Can’t clear it yet though, I have to START. It’s the starting that kills me.

I grab my guitar, play through with my current open song and an idea pops. I’m off. I’m good for a few hours of recording now.

When I hit a bit of a wall, I’ll walk to the Metro down the street and pick up some odds and ends that we need. Like cream, we need cream. Also we need carrots. Wait, we have two bags of them, never mind.

What I really need is to be alone to think because i have ten songs that need to come out of me. If I was ever to put effort into something, it’s this. I lose sleep over it, I stopped shaving, and I feel like a zombie, but in the end
I know it’ll be worth in.

I head back from the Metro, and chat with my hot wife. i’m not much of a chatter if there’s something to be done, so I don’t last long. I get a bit ancy to go back to work. So thats what I do. Over and over again. I’ll do it ‘till it’s done. Long days no sleep rinse lather repeat. No end in sight.

It’s not a bad thing, just what I’m doing. I’m out. The studio is calling my name.


I’d like to be a blessing. I’ve got a free recording I did with my guitarist Dave with most of my new songs I’m in the studio recording right now. Take them and listen to them! Look forward to the new album, I’m working hard on it! :)

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