They're All Going To Laugh At You!

It’s all a big scam. This notion of happiness being a nice house with two cars and weekends off… I’m just saying, what ever happened to just plain old doing what you love. And I agree, sometimes you have to do what you have to do. In fact there is nothing wrong with keeping a job and doing that every day, but a job is a job. What is your WORK.

What are you doing that you were designed to to that will benefit people around you and potentially generations after you die?

I’m writing this because I struggle all the time with this. I’ve been incredibly blessed to be able to use my gifts to make my living. But is that even good enough. This is my struggle. (This blog is an open thought for me by the way.) You see my struggle is not only to play, record, and create music, but I want it to be an inspiration to people. I’m not just doing this to make a “living”.

I’m sure that this spills out of music and into writing, communicating, hanging out. Believe it or not, I put energy into this.

Anyway… Whats my point?

I’m recording the next album right now, and with titles like “Do It For Love” and “The Way The Wind Blows” it would seem that I’ve tapped in to a vein of songs that I’ve never really written before. I feel like they’ve been written for a real purpose. And here is the struggle, I HOPE they help. Music is so powerful. It can heal, and evoke emotion…

Michelangelo said that music is the ultimate art because it appeals to all the senses. Not hat music smells or anything, but think about it, if a song really hits you hard, and you listen to it a bunch, years down the road you can hear that same song and it will conjure memories, and smells even that you experienced while you were emerged in that music. This is what I hope to accomplish. I want what I’m doing to help. I want the music to be beautiful to someone.

I don’t think that struggle ever leaves an artist. No matter what kind of success they experience. I think this is the struggle that inspires excellence and fosters more growth and the ability to try harder to reach further, be more open, write better songs.

Thats MY work. Whats yours??

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