Things Change

They just do. So my advice is to enjoy the passage of time.

Someone told me that minimalism wont catch on because it never did in the first place. And it’s not like I’m trying to start a revolution, I don’t care THAT much, BUT, it certainly is catching on. In my house that is. For me it starts with this mentality… “If I already have one, I don’t need another one.”

So for example… I like travel mugs. Heck, I spend a lot of time on the road, so why not? But here is the deal, I have one already. I do not need another one. Period. Not even if there is a 40% off deal and there is one I really love and I can afford it. Nope, I have one. Simple eh?

Now here is the kicker to that last principle I use. Give away all the other travel mugs that you don’t use because you only need one. “But what if mine breaks and I need another?” I understand. But I don’t care, get rid of them, when the time comes and your current mug breaks, do a little bit of work and find the best possible travel mug for what you need. Buy the best you can afford and toss the old broken one. Don’t keep the parts “just in case” toss it.

And there you have it. One simple principle that can free your mind of clutter, cafe you a ton of money, and help you enjoy the things you have more.

This principle applies to pants, (I understand you need more than one pair of pants though :) shoes, jackets, TV’s, and almost anything you can think of. Use reason. How may pairs of pants do you actually NEED? That drawer that has pants from the 90’s that don’t fit anymore? You don’t need them, they will never be cool again, toss em! Someone can use them, find that person.

Shirts? What do you actually need? You just have to be practical and I know you will find this freeing.

Do you need two cars? :)

Anyway, enjoy the day!


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