This Album Is Kicking My Butt

Oh man… seriously, it’s the album I wanted to have done a few months ago, and I think I’d delay it longer if I didn’t have a CD release show coming up NEXT MONTH. Trust me, I’ve had thoughts like, “let’s just make tis one an EP”, and “I sure hope these songs are good enough”. Some I’m totally sure that they are, good enough that is, and a few I’m a little hesitant, but the more I work on them the happier I get… I suppose thats a good thing.

There are a few songs I just decided not to use that I’ve been playing live, and I’ve been writing so I can fill up the album to 10 or 11 songs. I think I need to write maybe one more now. Here’s a quick demo of a keeper I think… again, it’s rough, it’s a demo for the band so they can get to know it before we rehearse it. You may as well hear it as well :)

If you are near enough St Thomas for March 24th, I’d be honoured if you’d join me for the release of this new album! Details are right here,

Here’s the demo, let me know what you think, and eventually you’ll get to compare this to the final. Fun eh? Imagine it with a full band and big harmonies… and a piano solo, and 80’s metal hair.


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