This Is The Healing

Michael Knott is a childhood hero of mine.  Something in me connected with his music on a very strong level during my teenage years, thinking back now I think I can understand why.  Something in his being seemed troubled, but also more than willing to communicate that same trouble through music and art.  I resonate well with that sort of mentality now, and more so the older I get.  Something was very very different about Mike in comparison with the other artists I would try to discover on the Christian book stores as a kid. Raw, real and honest are words that come to mind.  Diverse, passionate, transparent, no fluff… I could keep going.

This is the second song that I’ve recorded that reference Mike Knott‘s music.  There is one particular song that I found so captivating, and so… well, I was really in to it.  The recording of the song wasn’t that good even, there was just something about the melody and the lyrics that I had to try to communicate to you.  The chorus of this song says "This is the healing, Wipe the tears from all your bitter years.  This is the healing, salt the wound the healing will come soon."  I’ve been hurt, and so have you, sometimes it takes time to heal.  Sometimes the wound is so deep it leaves a mark and you are never the same.  Sometimes you just have to move on even though you are scarred.  Sometimes, you just hurt.  But the healing comes, even if you don’t hunk it will… I believe the healing comes eventually.

Hey Mike, it’s your turn now.

Here is a rough mix of “The Healing”, a Mike Knott inspired song for my next album. Mikes lyrics, “This is the healing, Wipe your tears from all the bitter years” appears in the bridge.


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