U2's One

I love this song… U2 is magic most of the time. I recorded it last year and planned on doing a video for it but that plan hit the back burner with the recording my my new album. However there’s nothing like getting back to work with an old project to warm you up eh? I find I have to wind up to recording my own music, so I revisited my old recording of One.

Added some electric, more percussion, and some general loudness… I like it much better now. I think I’m ready to hit the video for it.

Concept for the video. I’m sick of watching myself sing in these things, so this will be a video with other people in it. I’ll find about eight cool people that want to be in it and hang out with me at a few public places. We are simply going to have some fun, run around and be kids for a bit. We’ll get it done in the next few weeks, so if you are in the London St Thomas area, hit the contact button and fire me an email if you are interested in being in the video.

Here’s the revised song… let me know what you think?


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