What Day Is It??

WHOA! I lost track of time. I have the ability to drop everything for one thing. I can easily forget to do everything else when I have a big project to do. You may know that I’m recording my first full length solo studio album right now… for some of the process I’m going through check this post out.

I’ve been relentlessly working on a song I really like for a few days now, but it’s not sounding “right”. It’s a song I play live, sounds great, and I would consider a quality tune, but it’s not finding it’s voice on the studio page. It’s so strange, because I don’t know what it needs or what it’s missing to fix the problem.

So here it is. Sometimes… sometimes you have to drop what you are working on and write a new one. It can be hard to let go as well. I want to mould and shape and re-sing, and play more guitar on that song, but I know deep down it just needs to breathe for a while. So all the while I work and work and get more tied up in it, and the reality is that I should just let it go for now. And heck, maybe it wont even make this album…

So why do we put pressure on our selves like this? Who knows. Not me thats for sure.

I’ll move from this song in a few hours :)


I’d like to be a blessing. I’ve got a free recording I did with my guitarist Dave with most of my new songs I’m in the studio recording right now. Take them and listen to them! Look forward to the new album, I’m working hard on it! :) http://denigauthier.com/stageit

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