When It Rains It Pours

But seriously, rain is a good thing no? I’ll tell you though, in my experience, whatever you tend to have in the moment you get in abundance. It’s a very busy time around here with the new arrival of Emmett, and Tucker (the puppy), gigs are booking up for the release of the new album, the studio is very busy… abundance is a good thing right? Even the negative abundance. It’s doesn’t feel good at the time, but think back to that really rough time… you would not be who you are today if you didn’t go through that patch.

Sounds all fluffy duffy, and you say, dude, I could have gone without that, to which I say, sure you could have, but you wouldn’t be the current version of you. You have good reason to celebrate who you are. You are unique and different and good looking. You were created special.

I hope you feel better now. Enjoy the abundance of whatever is happening right now. I’m learning to do that now. If I live to 66 I’m half done my life now, and I’ll tell you, that went fast. One minute I’m learning to play instruments, playing high school basketball, and the next I’ve got a hot wife four kids and a dog. And a van. Can you relate? Time flies.


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