When you have a rough day

What do you do when you just feel down? It happens now and then… I’m pretty much programmed to be level 98% of the time. I just don’t have really high highs and low lows, so I hover in the middle most of the time right in the happy and content and somewhat driven mode. I don’t have many down days, but when I do, I sure know it.

A few days ago I felt it a bit, and when I get there I know I’m getting a bit worn out and tired. I get cynical and uncharacteristically negative. I have more of a tenancy to not want to help people with things or just kind of turn off the phone and turtle for a while. I think maybe it’s my self defence mechanism to burn out.

I’ll tell you what I do when that happens. Nothing. I stop everything and turn off the brain. I watch kids movies and make popcorn with my amazing kids. I fight Ethan on the trampoline with his Nerf sword and axe (he gets the axe, but I still win). I crank some music and dance with Natalia, my 6 year old. And when it’s Adalaine’s nap time, I join her and tickle her back. It’s the reset button. Takes about a day and I’m ready to go.

When I crank the music, I prefer this song by the 77’s “Do It For Love”

Enjoy, and if you are having a moment, it passes. It always does.

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