Why We Love Mumford & Sons and The Oh Hellos

There has been a void in main stream music for a while. As in, the music the majority of our populace will hear on a given day. Radio. The void I’m talking about is the lack of grounded living music.

Grounded an LIVING. We call it roosty perhaps. Banjo is an earthy tone, that’s why we love it. Ever wonder why you love the “feeling” of old recognizable folky kind of tunes? It feels like the coast, and the trees. Deep down in the roots of your being you feel the love of the land that your ancestors had, and in your soul you know that you were meant to live off of it. Yes, this is why we stop when we hear Mumford & Sons on the radio. Because that lively soul bearing music is often sandwiched in between electronic sounding auto tuned voices and programmed beats.

I’m not all about banjos all of a sudden, there will be none in my upcoming album. But what I am about is true music. A feeling you get when you hear it because there is that something that wakes you up and makes you feel alive. It turns the pavement into grass and helps you notice the sun again. MUSIC that deep down inside makes you want to kick off your shoes and feel the dirt and slow it right down… RIGHT down to nothing. So you can notice that your kids are still beside you and your wife still loves you and that nothing in life matters more than your family and your friends.

And your ears can open your eyes my friends. We need to overcome the apathy of the every day and be alive again.

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