You're Beautiful

I think I did it… Thats it for writing tunes for now anyway (not like I every really stop anyway).

Here’ the last song demo for the new album coming in a few weeks.

Lyrics and media… enjoy!! Oh.. don’t mind the cheese drum track… It’s just there to keep the beat for now.

Looking at the bright side once again
Dark night looking through the pin holes in the sky
Over the hills we go
And through these rose coloured glasses we only see what we know

You’re beautiful
You make the sun dew and the rain 
The mountainous terrain, all seem the same

It’s beautiful 
I know it doesn’t feel that way    
But there’s something to be said 
For waking up this way…

Sometimes I struggle to get this out
If I could know why I struggle maybe we could figure this out
Faith has it’s place has it’s place
The kind of faith that opens life this kind of faith needs to be embraced

For those of you that are interested… below is the same some with about 4 hours of solid work… just a skeleton still.


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