Avoid being bitten to death by mosquitoes

Mosquitoes as we all know are blood sucking flying things that spoil a nice walk in the country at night. They land on your skin and slurp away. It’s like an open bar to them! There may be a way to avoid this!

A scientifically unproven thought is that giving blood may stop the vampires, I mean the mosquitoes from attacking as they can sense that you are always low on blood and who wants to drink at a bar with no beer? Remember that this is scientifically unproven but even so, isn’t it worth the risk? Giving blood is painless, unlike a bite, and at least you know that your blood is going to a good cause!

Beat the flying peril!! Go to the Timken Community Centre on Saturday 27th between 9 and noon and make a difference to someone’s life who isn’t a mosquito!

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