Be famous, give blood

Did you know that Penn & Teller, Miley Cyrus, and Kristin Cavallari all give blood? I am not positive but I believe that every single cool person in the world gives blood. Samuel L Jackson gives his M%^#$%#%f$%^$%^$ blood.  Morgan Freeman donates his god-like blood through divine intervention and even Steve McQueen gives blood, showing just how cool he really is by donating blood from beyond the grave. Think about this for a minute. If all these cool, famous people give blood, it must be the giving blood that makes them cool and famous!

Now you too can be cool and famous. At the Timken Community Centre on Wednesday, 21st of March, you can rub shoulders with other potentially famous or cool people for a great cause. You could be the next Steve McQueen if you just….. no, you can’t. He was and is the coolest man alive or dead but you could be second!

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