Prick your thumb, GIVE BLOOD

I used to give blood, but for reasons I will go into on a later post, I no longer do. I had no problem lying down, having a tourniquet on my arm or the needle inserted. I didn’t mind watch the blood (mainly alcohol) squirt out of my body into a plastic bag. I never felt light headed or sick. I enjoyed the whole experience with one exception. In the UK when I gave blood there was a test to see how much iron was in your blood, and for this, they only needed one drop of your blood. ONE DROP! Not an armful, nothing you would miss but one drop. That one drop hurt me more than anything else because they would prick your thumb and collect the blood that way. Giving blood doesn’t hurt, it really doesn’t. I just didn’t like having my thumb pricked……. it made it worse that you knew it was coming, it was unavoidable and the tension for me was unbearable. And once it was over, there were no problems at all. I never said I was normal!!

If you think you are braver than me (who isn’t) you can prove it by going to the Timken Community Centre on Wednesday, 21st of September between 12:30 and 8pm and prove just how much braver you are than this big chicken!!

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