Real Vampires give blood!

Before there were sparkly vampires who pouted there was one true vampire. He wasn’t played by Christopher Lee although Mr Lee did play some awesomely good vampires. No, this vampire first befriended you when you were a small child. He helped you laugh, helped you learn and yes, helped you to count. The Count from Sesame Street is perhaps the coolest vampire ever and you just know that when it comes to the Muppet Blood Drive, he is at the head of the line. If the Count can give blood, you certainly can!

Simply turn into a bat and fly to the Timken Community Centre on Saturday, October 22nd between 9 and noon and give them some of your blood. If you listen closely, you might even hear them counting…… one bag of blood, two bags of blood….. ha ha ha ha, three bags  of blood…….

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