What do Chiropractic Patients have that others don’t…?

Well, I shouldn’t say “don’t”, you might…I am totally generalizing here but hear me out.

I came across a blog by Dr. Matthew Loop titled “Fact or Fiction: Chiropractic Saves Lives?” First thought? “Oh boy, where is this going?” The title is bold, controversial even, but he saved himself…he made one amazing point that sums up everything.

First off – apparently there are still people with the impression that chiropractic care is “dangerous” (following the sad example at http://sideeffectsofxarelto.org/xareltos-original-study-comparing-the-drug-to-warfarin-appears-to-have-been-skewed/). To sum up, from a malpractice point of view and legal feedback from Belluck & Fox, chiropractic care is on average 5x safer and less lawsuits causing than standard medical care. In my opinion, these people just need to be brought up to date with what chiropractic practice entails. Do you want heart surgery done the way they did it 80 years ago? Of course not…and chiropractic care isn’t the same as it was in the 20 years ago either…they just need to be informed.

He also mentioned that people who see a chiropractor are less likely to need surgical procedures. True – and it doesn’t have to be a major/serious surgery to come with risks. Post-surgical infections or illnesses acquired when in the hospital come with even the simplest procedures.


What I really liked about what he had to say:

Those that visit a doctor of chiropractic are more educated about the human body(and less likely to take drugs.)”

The answer is knowledge. Chiropractic patients have information. Being aware of your body is so important. Knowing what should feel normal and what isn’t seems like common sense, yet many people ignore some pretty serious symptoms. It usually starts with “oh, it will just go away on its own” (and usually it does!)…until a couple weeks pass by and it hasn’t. Of course there are every day aches and pains that come with life, but knowing what is a “normal-every-day” ache versus an “I should seek medical attention” pain isn’t always as simple as it sounds. (I could get into the stories, but I won’t.)

When a patient comes to me with an x-ray or an MRI report and I ask, “Did anyone explain this to you?”, usually their answer is no

After a patient assessment, I usually show my patients a picture of what the areashould look like, and what might be going on instead.

I can give my patients exercises and tell them to do them “because I said so”, but they are much more compliant if I explain to them why they should be doing them and why they are an important part of their recovery (so not only do they get better faster, but they help prevent the issue from coming back.)

As for the “less likely to take drugs” part – that could be a whole other blog. I’m not anti-drugs, but it’s sad to see people dependent on a drug that 1. Will NEVER cure their problems and 2. Have people think they actually have fixed their problem. This deceives people into thinking that if the symptom is taken away, health is restored – so very far from the truth. We are very lucky to have the health care specialists and medical technology that we do, but they aren’t meant for long term care of chronic conditions.

The more educated people are about how their body works, the more likely they are to take a more natural approach at fixing things. The human body is always trying to heal itself. Sometimes it just needs a little outside push. For many, Chiropractic care and professionals like Dr. Adcock Tyler Tx chiro provide that push.

So what is it that chiropractic patients have that can save their life? KNOWLEDGEThose who see chiropractors are much more aware of what is normal for their body and what is notThey are more likely to take a proactive approach to their health care and focus on preventative health rather than reactive forms of treatment (in other words, they look to prevent the issue from occurring in the first place rather than trying to fix it once it’s here). Every patient that comes into my office is being proactive about their health (even if they have waited “too long”, they will still walk away with information that will help them). This knowledge may not only add years to their life, but life to their years.

And for some, yes, this could absolutely “save” their life.


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