Relay for Life Megajam

Where we you last night? At home watching television? Sleeping in bed nice and early? Well I was at the Hungry Fox and I was having fun! The Relay for Life Megajam was held last night, and was a huge success. As well as everyone having a very good time, more than $700 was raised for a Relay for Life  team. The beer flowed and the tunes played and there were more boobs that you could shake a stick at. What’s that? Yes, bOObs. Ya see, if you have been there last night you could have helped contribute to the Titty Tree. I kid you not, the Titty Tree was a brilliant way to donate a toonie and have fun. The pool table was covered with postcards of bOObs. Not just women, men also. Not just clothed,  but naked too. Not just fun, but sexy too. If only every time you could donate money it could be this much fun. A huge thank you goes out to our very own Meagan Brignell for not only arranging the night but for the whole Titty Tree idea. It must be said though that there is not truth to the rumour that yours truly might have photographed in questionable poses.