Happy Canada Day!

                 Happy Canada Day!

Can you feel it? The uber excitement of a LONG WEEKEND coupled with SCHOOOOOOOOLS out for SUMMER! Yay! This blistering heat mixed with rain has pushed many locally grown items season ahead a little. This weekend we’ll be bursting at the seams with awesome local fare. Be sure to make us the first stop of your long weekend plans.

Check out some of these highlights from this weekends market:

Oegema Turkey FarmTurkey Burgers, Sausage, Marinated Breast Fillets, Turkey Broils or Bacon Wrapped Medallions.  We will have all these tasty turkey barbeque specialties for your Canada Day grilling.

Berry Hill Fruit Farm: Strawberries are almost finished but don’t panic, we’re already picking raspberries. We’ll also have out neighbours first blueberries at the market. Alice will have something for everyone!


It’s back! mosquito and fly season every year From the Meadow blends powerful essential oils together to create our BUG OFF spray. Let cedarwood, lavender and lemongrass pure essential oils go to work to keep the bugs away.  As always safe for all ages and on sensitive skin. Don’t forget to spray down your four legged friends with Bug Off. Keep an eye on our market stall because our make up line will be expanding….so excitting!

The Knitting Ladies: The knitting ladies are back this week.  Vivien has her famous handmade mats which are indoor-outdoor, reversible, washable, indestructible and irresistable!
Linda has slippers for the whole family and scarves galore.  Her baby ponchos with matching ruffle brim hats are adorable. come and see what else these gals have to offer!


Congrats Tim Goldhawk of London, ON! This weeks winner of Market Bucks! Tim submitted this photo of his market haul from last weekend. Want a chance to win to? Send us your market related photos to manager@hortonfarmersmarket.ca or post directly to our facebook page. Congrats Tim! Find the manager on market morning to claim your prize. Market bucks can be used same as cash from any of our markets awesome vendors.
Be creative! ANY Market related photos are welcome – your haul, your breakfast/lunch/dinner with market goods, or even a photo of yourself/kids having a good time AT the market. Anything goes!

Art by Megan Intven

Check out Meg Intven Art in the South Pavillion! Buy one item, get the second half price! Exclusive Canada day sale!

Elgin Harvest

Elgin Harvest returns this weekend to the market. During this busy strawberry season, the preserves are being put up and are ready to be enjoyed now or saved for less abundant times when a taste of summer is desired. Strawberry Spiced Rum, Strawberry Balsamic, Strawberry Pineapple, Strawberry Honey & Thyme, Sour Cherry & Vanilla, and Rhubarb Ginger Chutney will all be available. Eat them with a fresh baked buttery scone or in one of Elgin Harvest‘s “Pop Tarts”. Local blueberries have now ripened and will be paired with zesty lemon in housemade shortcakes (with real whipped cream!). Elgin Harvest is committed to using as many local ingredients as possible. Special orders are always welcome! info@elginharvest.ca
HIS WEEKEND: It’s going to be a HOT one! Cool off with fresh Raspberry Iced Tea or some amazing Strawberry Lemonade!

Become a Friend of HFM

The Horton Farmers Market needs YOU!

Do you LOVE HFM? Are you a local food enthusiast? Do you want to get more involved?

The Market only has one part-time employee, what this means is often HFM misses out on opportunities to sparkle and shine in our community. While we are lucky to be a City supported Farmers Market, our small budget often falls short for little market improvements we’d all like to see happen. The Friends of the Market Fundraising account was created for this purpose.  In order for our beloved market to swell and grow, we need the help of a dedicated market loving volunteers – people like you, vendors, local business owners who like the additional flow of traffic downtown on Saturdays. Everyone has something to contribute.If we have more people, more passion, more presence in the local events/community it would mean more local goodness for the market to grow even more: further job development, community morale, more local dollars staying in our downtown!What would it mean for you?Really, not a lot. The more people we have, the less individually we need to commit to. The minimum would be attending infrequent Friends of the Market meetings.  Meant as an evening to drum up ideas for the market, for fundraising, a general check in and goal setting. However, we do need Friends of HFM members to have a desire to actually DO something at some point – whether it be lending a hand at a fundraiser, attending a networking meeting on behalf of HFM, helping out with simple advertising campaigns, manning a booth at an event etc etc etc.Sound like fun? I think so!

Hope you’ll join us!

For more info message friends@hortonfarmersmarket.ca

Harris Family Farm

This week the Harris family will be bringing the first of the multicoloured sunflowers. In total there are 10 or more varieties of sunflowers planted on the farm.
The summer favorites like snaps and purple cone flowers have started too. Pick up a different bouquet of flowers every week to bring some summer sunshine into the house.
Lots of pastured pork sausages available every week.

Green Leaf Gourmet

Last week was amazing, seeing all the familiar faces that make having a stand at the Horton Farmer’s Market so special, meeting new friends and buying some delicious produce to share with family and friends over the weekend. I’m looking forward to repeating this all over again this weekend!!
 I have incorporated Jane’s nutritional teas from Wildflowers Tea into many of my products for added health benefits while still enjoying a delicious treat. Stop by our stands to treat yourself or a friend to the best of organic treats and and tea all in one spot!
Back by popular demand are Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies, oh so delicious and gone almost as soon as they arrive at my stand. I also have an excellent selection of Gluten~free(and Vegan) superb treats, salads( Quinoa and Raw vegetable Salad) and dips. These sell out early every week no matter how many batches I bring, so come early to avoid disappointment or send me an email if you are arriving late so I can put some aside for you > kim@greenleafgourmet.com
** New** this week is a very refreshing summertime treat with the first raspberries of the season ~RASPBERRY LEMONADE Squares. You can also expect remarkable Date Squares, Scottish Cream Scones( sell out early every week), Double Chocolate Torte, addictive Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies and a beautiful selection of Gourmet Tarts and Fresh Fruit Galettes. This week I will also be SAMPLING some decadent Artichoke Tapenade.Can’t wait to treat you to more local, fresh and organic! ~ See you at the Market ~
Local Cherry BBQ Sauce
recipe by Kim of GREEN LEAF GOURMET
2 cups pitted local cherries + 2 tablespoons water
3/4 cup finely chopped local onions
1 1/2 tablespoons minced fresh hot peppers
1 tablespoon light organic olive oil
1/4 cup organic cider vinegar
1/4 cup brandy(optional)
3 tablespoons local honey
1 tablespoon local maple syrup**(** Palmer’s outside at HFM)
2 tablespoons local Creole Mustard**(**GREEN LEAF GOURMET inside at HFM)
3 teaspoons Wildflowers “Defense”Tea**(**Wildflowers Tea inside at HFM)
1/2 teaspoon natural sea salt
Pit and heat cherries along with 2 tablespoons water in a medium saucepan over medium heat until soft. Add onions, hot peppers,olive oil, brandy(if using), Wildflowers “Defence” tea and sea salt. Saute on medium to high heat for 6-8 minutes until onions and peppers are soft. Let cool to room temperature. Put cherry mix from saucepan, cider vinegar,honey, creole mustard and maple syrup into a food processor and pulse until nearly smooth. Let sit overnight in fridge. Use for final glaze on all your BBQ’d foods, veggies or meat or use as a marinade overnight for a more intense flavour. Also makes a great hostess gift.Enjoy!
Market Kids Craft
The McCarvell Craft Crew would like to thank all of the young market goers and crafty kids who showed up last week to make a beautiful painted birdhouse. Make sure your moms, dads or grandparents bring you inside this weekend for some creative CANADA DAY fun! We are located inside the Market beside GREEN LEAF GOURMET AND Wildflowers Tea. Thank-you for supporting local, young entrepreneurs with all your enthusiasm!! from Christina, Olivia, Isaac & Annalea

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