Horton Farmers’ Market August 27

Everbody out of their basements yet? What a night last night was, lets hope thats the last of the frightening weather we’ve seen lately. Sunny skies for Saturday morning please!

Shawn DeVree
Market Manager
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Featured Vendor

Harris Family Farm

Visit Mark, Janis & Cameron in the South Pavillion this week to fill out a ballot for the FREE weekly draw!

“A little lemon can go a long way”

That’s what young Isabelle Paradis and her friend Emma Ewaskiw believe. After Goderichs destructive tornado this week, they want to help the area as much as they can. All profits from their mission this weekend will be going directly to Goderichs Red Cross. Visit this young visionaries in the North Pavillion, they will be selling fresh lemonade for $1 a cup. (Donations would be welcome too)


Fabtastic is fantastic!

Thank you for providing an awesome service to our market goers! www.fabtastic.ca

This Weeks Vendors

Janis & Mark Harris
McSmiths Organic Farm
Green Leaf Gourmet
Troup Farms
Debackere Farms
Great Lakes Farms
Grammies Creations
Dancey Family Farm
Koscik Greenhouse Tomatoes
Wildflowers Tea
Berry Hill Fruit Farm
Lotus Thai Restaurant
The Dutch Bakery
Uncle Dad’s Pizza
Talbotville Berry Farm
Wales Farm
Oegema Turkey Farm
Frisa Farm Fresh Eggs
Martin’s Produce
Palmers Maple Syrup
Spicers Bakery
Farmgate Markets
-Deli & Fresh Meats
Nature’s Perfection
– Shitake Mushrooms
Desserts and More
Sawyer Apiary
The Harvest Table
Herbal Souls
From the Meadow
Janssen Farm Market
Animal Aide
The Holey Stone Faerie Company
Succulent Wonders
Wright Creations
James Meadows Catering

Our weekly featured vendor

Harris Family Farm

Even though Janis was raised on McSmiths Organic Farm, 10 years ago she would have never thought she’d be farming herself. She envisioned her life as an Optometrist owning her own Optical business. Mark grew up on a cattle farm in Mount Forest but enjoyed his profession in Welding. Little did they know! Love does strange things! Janis has brought flowers to Horton Farmers Market for four years, but it was after her and Mark married and moved to their own property with a barn that the suggestion of raising pigs came from….any guesses? That would have been Janis’s mom. Janis was raised with the principals of treating animals well and respecting their nature while in their care. The pigs raised at the Harris Farm enjoy space to roam, playtime with tires, ample outdoor time to forage, play, dig and roll in the mud. Janis and Mark think it is important the pigs have a good life, and are fed quality food (which means it contains no ingredients like animal by-products).

Janis and Marks beautiful flowers that you see at the market begin early in the season. You’ll find them in the greenhouse in February getting the seeds started. The entire two acres of flowers are planted and spaced by hand. Lots of work goes into your lovely bouquet.

It’s a busy life for the Harris Family. Both Janis and Mark work off the farm – Janis did jump into Optometry after all, and Mark enjoys his welding career. The farm, the pigs, the flowers and their new addition young Cameron, all of these things mean careful planning to get everything done and still have time to stop and smell the roses….err sunflowers. You’ll find the Harris Family in the South Pavillion selling fresh cut and arranged bouquets and frozen pork. Bacon, sausage, peameal – all available at fantastic prices. See for yourself! And when you do, fill out a ballot for this weeks door prize!

Berry Hill Fruit Farm

This morning, as she looked at the array of produce on the table, one of Alice’s customers exclaimed “we have so much to be thankful for!”. She is so right! The bounty that is produced on the farm is truly amazing and something that our staff delight in. I think this quality is what makes all of us at Berry Hill work so hard and with such joy. It is privilege to be a part of this amazing event, the growing season at Berry Hill Fruit Farm. Red Haven peaches are in abundance this week and there is a flurry picking, sorting and packing going on each day. It’s canning season in Ontario and time to get your peaches “put up”. For folks with very little spare time (like me!) I recommend freezing peaches. They are wonderful to pull out of the freezer in mid winter. Alice will have peaches available in 20 pound boxes at the market this Saturday. We are thankful for the rains too. The grass is green, the apples are growing and the sweet corn cobs have finished off nicely, right to the tip. The beans are still abundant and plums and melons, sweet and juicy. It will be a delight to see you at the market!


Grammies Creations

Grammies Creations will be tasting a few new pickles on Sat. Sweet and Sour, Curry and 14 Day Pickles..New this week is Pickled Brussel Sprouts….A little know fact: ALWAYS put your pickles in the refrigerator for about 6 hours before you eat them…this will tighten up the cells and give you the crunch you expect from pickles..enjoy!

McSmiths Organic Farm

McSmiths are proud to have our organic eggs and produce prepared for FreshFest by the Chefs from Braxtons’ Restaurant,St Thomas. We will be bringing lots of freshly dug new potatoes, an assortment of heritage tomatoes, lots of peppers and eggplants etc etc. Gary has accessed the Edamane crop and says “they’re ready!!” …Lisa will be bringing more fresh salsa this week…..I love being the Taste Tester!!

From the Meadow

Well Market goers…I’m going to be taking a much needed Saturday off (the first since we opened in May) to spend with my hubby and daughter, as well as seeing my beautiful god kids. This market season seems to be just flying by. With my absence Heather will be my cover. This is your opportunity to meet one of the creators of From the Meadow. She has the knowledge and inside scoop on this wonderful company. See you all when I return on the Sept 3rd bright and early. Jenn

Wildflowers Tea

*Organic Herbal Tea *Iced Tea* *Herbal Bath*
These exclusive herbal teas set you on a journey to achieve harmony between mind, body and soul. These infusions are locally made with organic herbs, roots, spices and other parts of the plant. With specific needs in mind, each blend is carefully created. They make a satisfying cup which is beneficial to your health and well being. Choose between our 8 blends, which includes our newest Balance line, based on ancient Ayurvedic teachings.

Green Leaf Gourmet

Is back this weekend! Come visit our booth for the best in fresh, local and fantastic baked goods and savoury surprises!

Dancey Family Farms

Edamame Soybeans & Heirloom Tomatoes
Locally grown, Certified Organic, delicious and nutritious. Edamame are a good source of protein, fiber, essential omega 3 fatty acids, many micronutrients and they are rich in calcium, iron, zinc and B vitamins. Beginning around 10 AM on Saturday, we will be offering freshly cooked samples of edamame. If you like them as much as we do, you can purchase some to eat fresh or freeze them for the coming winter. The original seeds for the varieties we are growing came from Japan. They are not the same as the soybeans that are growing in the fields around St. Thomas. We will also have our usual large selection of heirloom tomatoes. Together with the edamame soybeans, they make a colorful meal that is both tasty and healthy.


JB Weldz Creative Metal Art

Where did the Metal Artist Go?? This Saturday JBweldz Creative Metal Art will be attending the Iron Horse Festival in the Artisan Village (Hepburn Parkette). Have no fear, we will be back at our favourite Farmers Market next Saturday – just in time for Labour Day!!!

James Meadows Catering

Joins the market this weekend. He’ll be offering his famous soup for sale for you to take home. Join his facebook page to see what this great local caterer has been up to!

How to Freeze Peaches

Submitted by: Renee Saarloos from Berry Hill Fruit Farm

There’s nothing as delicious as homemade canned peaches. But who has the time? Freezing is a quicker and more economical method. My frozen peaches turned out beautifully! Start with perfectly ripe peaches, before they shrink or turn soft. Peaches may still be firm but they should have a yellow background colour. Peaches bought from BERRY HILL FRUIT FARM should be allowed to ripen in a dry, warmish room for 3-5 days. Place peaches in a pot of boiling water for 30 seconds, lift from water and gently drop into ice cold water for a few minutes. Drain. Peel peaches as quickly as possible, slice into a bowl and sprinkle layers lightly with Fruit Fresh. Toss gently and place peaches on a shallow tray for freezing, then pack into freezer bags.

How to use frozen peaches

Thaw peaches at room temperature and use quickly. Pack frozen peaches in lunches. Mix peaches with berries, grapes and bananas for a nice winter fruit salad. Puree partially thawed peaches and serve on ice cream or yoghurt. And this is my favourite way to use frozen peaches—make a smoothie! When you freeze summertime fruit and use it in this recipe in the middle of the winter, it truly does earn it’s Sunshine name.

Sunshine Smoothie

1 ½ c. frozen peaches, ½ C. yoghurt, ½ C. milk or orange juice
You may add honey, sweetener, protein powder or wheat germ. Whip together in a blender and pour into a tall glass. Pure sunshine!

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