Horton Farmers’ Market August 6

Most of the time long weekends can be a little unpredictable at the Market. It can often mean a slower pace for customer traffic and a few vendors away to enjoy some time off. Last weekend was the biggest exception to the rule we’ve ever seen! A record number of vendors, and customers stood shoulder to shoulder through the walk ways. It was a fantastic sight. So many of us behind-the-scenes people shared happy, satisfied smiles. The market has become our little field of dreams – if you build it they will come! Great vendors, and a great community, we are incredibly blessed to have both. See you on Saturday!
Shawn DeVree
Market Manager
519.317.3398 Find us on Facebook!

Our market is so fortunate to have Isabelle from Fabtastic offering FREE professional facepainting in the Gravel Cafe section of our North Pavillion. Isabelle is also available for private functions. Check out her website for more information www.fabtastic.ca The market kids are so happy your here Isabelle! (and so are their parents!)

Featured Vendor
Visit R-Grow in the North Pavillion this week to fill out a ballot for the free weekly door prize!

This weeks Vendors

Succulent Wonders
Troup Farms
Debackere Farms
Great Lakes Farms
Grammies Creations
Dancey Family Farm
Krista Miller Cake Artistry & Baker
Koscik Greenhouse Tomatoes
Wildflowers Tea
Berry Hill Fruit Farm
McSmiths Organic Farm
Lotus Thai Restaurant
The Dutch Bakery
Uncle Dad’s Pizza
Talbotville Berry Farm
Wales Farm
Oegema Turkey Farm
Frisa Farm Fresh Eggs
Martin’s Produce
Palmers Maple Syrup
Spicers Bakery
Farmgate Markets
-Deli & Fresh Meats
Barbs Brickle
Nature’s Perfection
– Shitake Mushrooms
Desserts and More
Sawyer Apiary
The Harvest Table
Empire Valley Farm
Herbal Souls
From the Meadow
St. Thomas Public Library
Janis & Mark Harris
Janssen Farm Market
JBweldz Creative Metal Artwork

Wow! What a great market weekend last week.  Thank you to all our customers for you continued patronage.  If you were unable to get schnitzel or ground turkey last week because we ran out, we’ll have lots available on Saturday along with all of your other market favourites.

*Organic Herbal Tea *Iced Tea*
*Herbal Bath*
Last week was the launch of my new “Balance” series, and what a great response! People had so much fun learning about their own constitutions, and how to manage their own imbalances. Awareness is key, and learning about our own lmitations or imbalances helps us to accept who we are. Our balance series is meant to compliment this awareness, allowing you to take a few minutes out of the day to sit down, relax and treat yourself to a cup of Wildflowers Tea!

We have Eggplant starting this weekend. We’d love to hear your favourite ways to prepare his unique, gorgeous and flavourful plant. We love to roast them with other seasonal veggies, yum!

This weeks special – a Tutu AND 2 cards of hair clips for $20! Last time we had this sale, we sold out!

We have so many fresh cut flowers, our trailer is JAMMED! Come see us early for best selection. Don’t forget about our pastured pork too!

See our featured vendor article! This week R-Grow Farms will be bringing more delicious sweet corn and juicy vine ripened muskmelons! Try a sample and taste the freshness.  Our  watermelons are just starting to turn red inside so they’ll take another week or so to ripen completely. Please remember that you can freeze muskmelon and sweet corn to enjoy in the winter months.  Muskmelon –  strawberry smoothies are Anita and Joe’s favourite! Stop by on saturday and ask them how they are made.

Corn, corn, corn! There is no shortage of it at Berry Hill Fruit Farm. Remember all that rain we had this spring? Farmer Dick worked very hard at sneaking in small patches of corn seed in between the showers. Who says hard work and diligence doesn’t pay? Our sweet corn (as well as our berries peaches, plums, apples and vegetables) is hand-picked each day by our conscientious staff so you get superior quality products at the peak of their ripeness. You can taste the difference that makes! (see Helen picking corn in the morning dew.) We’ll have blueberries, peaches, plums, cantaloupes, tomatoes, green and yellow beans, onions, potatoes, sweetcorn (of course!) and more at the market this week. See you there!

Thank you everyone for a complete sell out last weekend!  This weekend i will be bringing my PB & J sandwich cookies again as everyone loved them. I will also be making a new treat, orange creamsicle mini cakes(not cake pops) they actually look like a popsicle, very cute. For cupcakes i am bringing my delicious red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing & rootbeer float cupcakes.  I will also be making a cinnamon sugar doughnut muffin, perfect for breakfast.  Looking forward to seeing you all out bright and early saturday morning!

Shhhhh its a Secret…want to find out about from the meadows’ fountain of youth? Stop by and I can tell you more about the wonderful benefits to our Secret cream. Celebrating our 13th year and only getting stronger with the thanks from our faithful loyal customers, who quickly become friends….stop by for a demo or just to chat. Meet you at the market!

A Boy Named Lemon
We specialize in certified organic heirloom tomatoes that are field grown and sun ripened for the best flavor possible. However , reading the names of some of the 40 varieties we are growing this year might make you think we’ll be bringing fruit to market. The names include: Orange Banana; Persimmon; Yellow, Orange, Red and Black Cherry; Green and Red Grape; Yellow and Red Pear; Ground Cherries; and Lemon Boy. Then there are the animal related names like Green Zebra, Great White and Ox Heart. My least favorite name is Bloody Butcher , but despite the name, the tomato tastes great. We hope you will visit us on Saturday as we begin bringing this diverse selection of heirloom tomatoes and some fresh herbs to market. We will also have bags and cobs of certified organic corn for popping.
Chris and Wil Dancey, Dancey Family Farm

100% pure olive oil soap
Special this week:
Lime Coconut or Orange Coconut Soap $4 each
Moonstone’s Orange Coconut Scrub scooped fresh from the bowl just for you! Try our now world famous 3 ingredient Coco Loco Sun Care! Don’t block the sun, protect your skin from the sun with coconut oil!

Uncle dad’s pizza is proud to offer the best locally made thin crust pizza! For people who are diabetic this is a great option. Our crust has no salt, no grease, and no oil and is also available in medium crust. For those who like crusts a little thicker , feel free to place a a special order – and also remember that you can order gluten free pizza as well! You can order them online or simply tell our sales reps ahead of time. They would be pleased to take your orders . We also hope to be bringing a new pizza called the Chicken Alfredo sensation so look for that one coming soon. If you have any questions or concerns , please don’t hesitate to call me At 519-709-7437
For the fastest, crispiest pizza – throw them on your BBQ!

Get your jars ready & come early! Pickling cukes are at their best 24 hours from the vine to the brine! We’re bringing them fresh, fresh fresh!!!

This popular local farm joins the Horton Farmers Market for the first time this weekend! Find them in the North Pavillion showcasing their delicious peaches

After a 2 week hiatus,Kim and family will be back next Saturday August 13th (as the featured vendor!) with a beautiful selection of artistic sweet and savoury treats. Kim will be featuring Bountiful Blueberry and Perfectly Peach pastries and cakes. Come out to the Market and experience the decadence of “all local”.

The very first products I created for my clients is my line of Epsom Salt Brews. This is an old fashioned medicinal remedy that is slowly regaining popularity today. The history of Epsom salts, I found fascinating. The name comes from where the salt was originally found in Epsom, England. Scientists have found that the main properties in Epsom Salt are calcium and magnesium. When we soak in a bath of Epsom Salt, the minerals will actually draw waste products from our body out through the skin. It can also improve the absorption of nutrients, regulate different enzymes in our body and can help with depression and stabilizing insulin levels. The Pure Essential Oils that I add to the Epsom Salt enhances the therapeutic effect on your body. As I make all of my own products, if you like a specific scent I can always custom create a brew for you. Or choose your favorite out of one of the 8 that I bring to market
every weekend. The very last thing to do after soaking in the Herbal Bath Brew, is to rinse off quickly in a warm shower so that the toxins won’t be reabsorbed into your skin.  An easy way to relax after a hard day and detoxify at the same time!

R-GROW FARMS (cause that’s easier than saying Rastapkevicius Grow!)
Leo and Monika Rastapkevicius have been farming sweet corn,muskmelons, seeded and seedless watermelons, sweet potatoes, ornamental pumpkins and gourds as well as cash crops (wheat, corn and soyabeans) for 23 years since graduating from the University of Guelph. Joe and Anita, the Rastapkevicius’ kids work along side thier parents in this 600 acre farming operation. Considering all the produce is hand harvested, that equates to one busy family! This year they are giving the up and coming popular soybean Edamame a try. If you haven’t tried edamame yet, just wait! They are nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare. R-Grow is primarily a wholesale business farm (you can find their produce at several local supermarkets), but 5 years ago decided to join the Horton Farmers Market. Monika says this about their decision to come to the market: ”The primary reason was for the experience it would provide for Anita and Joe.  I think it is one of the best decisions we have ever made.  I remember waking Joe up one morning when we first started going to market and he was quite young, asking him if he was ready to go to market and his response was: “I was born ready!” Being part of the HFM has taught both of them so much. Now that we have been going for a number of years we have had the pleasure of getting to know many of the customers who frequent the market and it’s so nice to hear their positive comments about the products we bring.  That makes it all worth while.”
Check out R-Grows table this week to fill out a ballot for this weeks FREE draw!

Who looks good in an apron? You do!
Friend’s of the Market will have embroidered Horton Farmers’ Market aprons available for purchase this Saturday- only $20!
All proceeds go to the Friends of the Market Account.  They are made from 100% black cotton, embroidered with white stitching for the market logo AND they have pockets.
Find the Market Manager , she’ll hook you up!

We love receiving your favourite seasonal recipes! Send your submissions to  info@hortonfarmersmarket.ca – thanks!




Peach Toffee Scones
Submitted by: Renee Saarloos – Berryhill Fruit Farm

500 ml (2 cups) all-purpose flour
50 ml (1/4 cup) brown sugar
15 ml (1 tbsp) baking powder
Pinch sea salt
60 ml (4 tbsp) unsalted butter , cold, cut into pieces
500 ml (2 cups) locally grown diced peaches
125 ml (1/2 cup) Skor bits
2 large eggs
125 ml (1/2 cup) 35 per cent cream


Preheat oven to 230 C (450 F).
In a large bowl, mix flour , brown sugar , baking powder and salt. Add butter to mixture and, using your fingertips, work butter into mixture until it looks like coarse meal. Add diced peaches and Skor bits and mix lightly. In a separate large bowl, whisk eggs and cream together; add dry peach mixture, stirring to combine. Scrape dough onto a floured board and lightly knead to bring dough together . Don’t over-knead. Roll into a 2.5-cm (1-inch) thick slab and cut dough with a round 7.5-cm (3-inch) cookie cutter . Place on a parchment-covered or non-stick baking sheet and bake for 10 to 15 minutes until golden brown and firm to the touch. Serve warm with butter .

Makes 8 to 10 servings.
Nutritional information per serving: 274 calories; 4 g protein; 14 g total fat (8 g saturated fat); 34 g carbohydrate; 1 g fibre; 73 mg cholesterol; 181 mg sodium.

Source: Ontario Tender Fruit Producers, www.ontariotenderfruit.com.

Attention Market lovers!
Become one of our great ‘Friends of the Market’. Friends of the market is an opportunity for the community to get involved to help promote the market and it’s related activities. Financial donations can be made by anyone, including vendors, market enthusiasts, or community fundraisers. Speak to the Market Manager on market day, or by emailing manager@hortonfarmersmarket.ca  or calling 519.317.3398 Recent additions to our list: Relish Elgin and The St. Thomas Downtown Development Board

Upcoming Events


The Third Annual FreshFest returns to the CASO Railway Station on Thursday August 25th, 5-9pm. Chefs will use fruit, vegetables, dairy, meats and herbs from area producers to create fresh taste experiences that will showcase the possibilities of using local food in exciting ways. Add wine, beer and cooler samples, music by Matthew & The Birds, a silent auction in support of the Station, and you get an evening you won’t want to miss. The cost of the ticket includes a souvenir wine glass and 14 sampling coupons. New this year, the CASO Station Waiting Room will be the departure point for some interesting culinary discussion with food workshops featuring Ruth Klahsen and cheeses from Monforte Dairy. FreshFest is grateful for support from the Iron Horse Festival and Savour Elgin. Check www.freshfest.ca for details and ticket information or contact Serge Lavoie at 519-859-7763. Ticket will also be available at
the Horton Street Market on Aug 6, 13, and 20 or until sold out.

Friends of the Market is pleased to announce the 1st annual “Just Peachy” breakfast
fundraiser happening August 13, 2011. With the help of our generous sponsors and hard-working volunteers, we will be serving up homemade buttermilk waffles topped with honey-roasted peaches, vanilla ice-cream and mint & basil syrup.
For just $5 for adults and $3 for kids, you can get your Saturday morning started off peachy-keen with fantastic food and your choice of fresh brewed coffee or juice. All proceeds go to Friend’s of the Market. Watch and listen for the 94.1 MyFM mini remote cruiser that morning because they will be broadcasting live from the market! This breakfast couldn’t take place without the generosity of some peachy sponsors. Friends of the Market would like to thank: Berry Hill Fruit Farm, Sawyer’s Apiary, Troup Farms, Farmgate Markets, McSmith’s Organic Farm and Shaw’s Ice Cream. Meet you at the market!

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