Horton Farmers’ Market July 23

It doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago we were begging for less rain and more sun, does it? I think we may have gotten a little more than we’ve bargained for in the heat and  humidity department this week. Yikes!  The plus side to all the sun is it has really helped speed along the crops that were in later this season because of the rain. The downside is, many of these crops are incredibly thirsty waiting for a soaking rain. This weekend may be the end of sweet and sour cherries, but on the heels of those come sweet corn, apricots and peaches! I can’t wait to watch the vendors unpack on Saturday.  It’s the season where tables really start  overflowing with local  awesomeness!
Shawn DeVree
Market Manager
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Amazing Upcoming Events –  We’re peachy-keen for our “Just Peachy” Friends of the Market Fundraiser!

We almost feel cruel telling you about this great event – because it is not until August 13th! So many vendors are lending a hand to make a gorgeous locavore breakfast for you. Imagine a waffle, topped with local peaches and honey….more details as the fruit ripens!  Our sponsors include: Berry Hill Fruit Farms, McSmith’s Organic Farm, Troup Farms, Farmgate and Sawyer’s Apiary. Listen for more details on our new local radio station MyFM 94.1 – who will also be joining us on location that morning!

This Weeks Vendors

Krista Miller Cake Artistry & Baker
Koscik Greenhouse Tomatoes
Wildflowers Tea
Berry Hill Fruit Farm
McSmiths Organic Farm
Lotus Thai Restaurant
The Dutch Bakery
Uncle Dad’s Pizza
Talbotville Berry Farm
Wales Farm
Oegema Turkey Farm
Frisa Farm Fresh Eggs
Martin’s Produce
Palmers Maple Syrup
Spicers Bakery
Farmgate Markets
-Deli & Fresh Meats
Barbs Brickle
Nature’s Perfection
– Shitake Mushrooms
Desserts and More
Sawyer Apiary
The Harvest Table
Empire Valley Farm
Herbal Souls
From the Meadow
St. Thomas Public Library
Janis & Mark Harris
Janssen Farm Market
JBweldz Creative Metal Artwork
Green Leaf Gourmet
Succulent Wonders
Troup Farms
Debackere Farms
Wright Creations
The Holey Stone Faerie Company
Succulent Wonders
R-GROW Farms
SusiQ Designs

Grammies Creations

has the first pickled corn of the season along with pickled green and extreme beans. Also the first batch of Chili Sauce is made.  The crocks have been busy, with 3, 9, and 14 day pickles, which will be on special for $3.50 a pint, a limited number of bottles for the first batch. See you on Saturday.

Green Leaf Gourmet

brings you the best in fresh, local,  wholesome and organic sweet and savoury each Saturday. Much of what is used to produce such  fabulous treats starts with local vendors at the Horton St. Market, supporting local to guarantee  freshness and quality in every delicious morsel. Kim will be showcasing Lavender and Lemon this week. You will find Lemon Gugelhof Mini Cakes, Lemon Meringue Tarts, Lavender Shortbread  Cookies & Lavender Double Chocolate Torte. There will be ice cold Fresh Squeezed Lavender Lemonade & Local Raspberry Lemonade, only $1 per cup. For the Scottish Cream Scone Lovers – Cheese, Blueberry and Cherry will be your delicious choices this week. ~New ~this week Italian Almond Amaretti  Cookies (crisp on the outside and  slightly chewy in the middle) fantastic with a glass of Lemonade, iced coffee, latte or chai. On the savoury side are some  beautiful selections of Tapenade (decadent versatile spreads) ~ Olive*, Artichoke* or Roasted Red Pepper & Caramelized Onion*. Fresh salads* and dips* – amazing for  entertaining or adding some flair to your own summer meals. ~New~ this week -individual Gourmet Quiche Tarts and a few more surprises.(*all starred items are also vegan)


Come on by the “dabble” art table this week and sign up to have  custom artwork done! Kids, couples, pets, homes, you name it! It’s as easy as emailing a photograph: caverlysmith@gmail.com. Watch a portrait being drawn this Saturday!

R-Grow Farms

We’re so excited to return to Horton Farmers Market for this season! We’ll be there with our own sweet corn, freshly picked! See you Saturday.

Janis and Mark Harris

GLADS are starting this week! Glads are beautiful long spikes with colourful flowers that open up the stem. They are a long lasting cut flower in the vase.  What does Pastured Pork mean? Our pigs get outside, they root in the dirt, lay in the mud and forage for some of their food. We have a special grain ration made for them that is all vegetable and grain, there is no meat meal in their feed. The pigs also get lots of vegetable scraps from McSmith’s. We sell our sausage and bacon at the Horton Farmers Market. Ask us how you can get our other cuts too. We have ribs, ham, ham steaks,roasts and pork chops. Be sure to ‘like’ our facebook page “Janis & Mark Harris and family”

McSmiths Organic Farm

McSmiths has teamed up with an old friend “Irene” from BlueberryHill, Rodney.  Many of  McSmiths’ regular customers will  remember the excellent tasting blueberries that we carried at our on-farm market. We will be offering her blueberries at the Horton  Market while they are in season. Ask Cathy,Lisa or Colleen for a  sample!! McSmiths stall will be heaped with a diversity of summer
produce …come early and have a look.

Oegema Turkey Farm

Life on the farm is busy in the summer .   The Thanksgiving fresh flock we placed at the end of June is almost ready to leave the “brooder barn” for the “grow out” barns.  Each summer these barns are completely emptied and power washed before putting down fresh straw for the next flock.  The manure is then spread on the wheat
fields after the wheat is harvested. By the end of July the brooder barn will be completely cleaned out and we will start preparing for the next flock.  Guess which holiday the next flock is for?

Berryhill Fruit Farm

Don’t tell anyone yet but Berry Hill will have their own home grown sweet corn at the market on Saturday. While we humans are suffering in this blazing heat, the sweet corn has been growing! Farmer Dick has been irrigating so the cobs will be big and juicy! It’s been a challenge to keep up with up with the bean picking, so we’ll have lots of tender fresh beans too. If anyone would like a larger quantity of beans for the freezer , they should call Alice at the fruit stand 519-765-1752 to order . Raspberries are still available, as well as nugget potatoes, small beets, fresh from the field onions and more. We still have some strawberry jam left, so folks can stock up!

Uncle Dads

We’re here to please! If you would like to custom order gluten-free crusts for the following market week, come by and we’d be happy to take your order . Fresh, not frozen, locally made pizza.

From Our Meadow

Have you tried our awesome locally made mineral make-up? The benefits to mineral make up are wonderful – no expiry date, built in spf of 20, flawless blending and long wear . Great new colours for summer , glossy lips and bronzers for a summer time glow!

Wildflowers Tea

Organic herbal teas*Iced teas*Herbal baths These exclusive herbal teas set you on a journey to achieve  harmony between mind, body and soul. These infusions are locally made with organic herbs, roots, spices and other parts of the plant. With specific needs in mind, each blend is carefully created. They make a satisfying cup which is beneficial to your health and well being. All of our blends are available by the cup or the 50g bag to take home. Do you have your herbal tea accessories to make the most out of your cup? We have our glass Iced Tea jugs in a variety of fresh colours, as well as our stainless steel infusers available at the market this weekend for purchase. Not only will you be able to enjoy our exclusive herbal teas at home, you can enjoy them in style!

Summer Squash Salad with Tomatoes and Fresh Herbs

Submitted by: The Market Manager :)

1/3 c extra virgin olive oil
3 tbs lemon juice
1 tsp coarse sea salt
1/2 tsp freshly ground pepper
1/2 tsp dried and crushed red pepper
2 lbs zucchini, yellow squash, or both
1 pint grape tomatoes, halved
1-2 ears of fresh corn, kernels removed
1/2 c fresh herbs from the garden, basil, chives, parsley, or my favourite cilantro.

For the dressing, mix together the lemon juice, salt, and black and red peppers together in a bowl. Whisk in the olive oil until blended. Set aside. Cut the zucchini (and/or squash) in half crosswise and then lengthwise so you have four quarters. Then slice the quartered zucchini crosswise into ¼ inch pieces. Mix together the zucchini, tomatoes, corn, and dressing. Refrigerate for at least 20 minutes. Once ready to serve, mix in the fresh herbs. Taste and adjust accordingly with a little salt and pepper or additional herbs. Enjoy!!!

Krista Miller Cake Artistry & Baker

People often ask what inspired me to get started in this industry, and actually I have to say that my sister played a big role in my inspiration. She lives in Toronto and works in the pharmaceutical industry. A co-worker of hers did cakes on the weekends and my sister showed me her work, and I thought, I can do that. I love to bake and took arts all the way through school and even went to college for design, therefore it kind of went hand in hand to put the two together , I had just never thought of it before. I soon after signed myself up for a local Wilton cake decorating class and once started knew that this was something that I could see myself doing. The classes were a basic introduction to cake decorating, but that was all I needed to get me going. I quickly began to teach myself how to work with fondant, sculpt cakes, stack cakes and make 3 dimensional items and decorations, as these things were not taught within the basic piping and icing classes. I began doing the occasional cake for people that I knew and it quickly took off from there. The Horton farmer’s Market allows me to present to my customers a sampling of my cupcakes and smaller baked items, and showcase and experiment with different flavour combinations. I enjoy being at the market on Saturday mornings, meeting people and helping to promote myself and my talents to our community. I offer a range of baked goods from cookies to cupcakes, pies, tarts, gourmet and birthday cakes, and specialty fondant creations. I also offer wedding cakes and wedding favour treats. The cakes that I enjoy working on most are fondant, sculpted and 3
dimensional designs. They are not your typical birthday or event cake they are an edible work of art, which I am so passionate about. I absolutely love doing specialty cakes and enjoy the challenge of each one that comes my way. I strive to outdo each cake before and better myself upon each challenge presented to me. This helps me to keeps my skills fresh and my goals to become the best that I can be.  If you are looking to book a cake for your next special occasion, booking early is recommended. Early weekday appointments are more readily available as weekends book up quickly. A minimum of 2 wks notice is preferred but certain weekends are busier than others, so if you know you have something coming up, booking sooner will guarantee your date.

For inquires please contact Krista Miller at 519-615-8116 Or email  kristamillercakes@hotmail.com Also you can check out my facebook page to view my work and keep up on events and recent completed cake projects

Who looks good in an apron? You do!

Friend’s of the Market will have embroidered Horton Farmers’ Market  aprons available for purchase every Saturday- only $20! All proceeds go to the Friends of the Market  Account.  They are made from 100% black  cotton, embroidered with white stitching for the market logo AND they have pockets. Find the Market Manager , she’ll hook you up!

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