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It is incredibly hard to believe that I just typed “September 1st” into the subject title. Seriously? September? Perhaps some of you are ready for the routines, cooler weather and celebrations that Autumn brings but not I! This summer flew by, and I hope to still sit in some heat and sip another cooling mojito or two. I was reading online somewhere (so it must be true) that a long, warm Autumn season is expected. With our drought this summer turning fields into dust bowls, I hope that isn’t entirely true. Last winters lack of snow was disappointing, at least to me. The unseasonably warm weather was paired with dreary wetness – which really left us home bound more than heaps of snow would have. So I say, give us a normal fall and a great winter of snow (ducks and covers).

If you have been to the market in August you have seen that we are officially in harvest season. Absolutely packed with vendors, and tables are overflowing! There is still lots of life for the season, but a few things are reaching an end: blueberries, sunflowers to name just a couple.

NEXT WEEK! Shuug and The Temporary Men will be playing the market! 10-12

Check out some of these highlights from this weekends market:

Animal Aide: Can’t wait to see you this weekend!

St. Thomas Public Library: Calling all eBook users! Don’t forget to bring your eBook reader to the Horton Market this week! St. Thomas Public Library will be at the market this coming Saturday showcasing our eBook collection. Library staff can show you how to search for, download, and transfer eBooks to your device. If you don’t already have a library account or know your library PIN, library staff can get you set so you can begin reading FREE eBooks! As always, you can sign up for a library card at the market or upgrade your old card to a new card and key fob for free. Still like reading from a “real” book? Don’t forget to bring your change! The Friends of St. Thomas Public Library will be at the market selling previously read and good-as-new books for all ages.

R-Grow: Make sure you stop by this week! Our yellow baby watermelons are ripe and delicious. Our edemame are also ready to enjoy. They make a tasty snacks for back to school lunches  or a healthy  side dish for dinner. Not sure what they are? Come check them out on Saturday. Edamame can be frozen and enjoyed all winter long! We will also have our fall wheat wreaths on display. The seasons are changing. It’s time to start thinking about fall decorations! See you on Saturday!

Harris Family Farm: With the last long weekend of the summer comes the end of the bulk of the sunflowers. The scorcher of a summer caused the plantings to bloom earlier than expected. 2012 will go down in the books as a super hot summer and a good flower season. Over the next few weeks there will still be some flowers but not in the numbers we have had. So come early to not be disappointed.

The Harris’ will still be at the market longer in the season with their pastured pork sausage and bacon. Wow your taste buds with our sausages on the bbq this long weekend.
Ask us about how to use the sausages other than bbq’d, there are yummy ways to enjoy them all year long!

Grammies Creations

Grammies Creations has been extremely busy this week, not saying that the last few weeks were restful. I have been asked for pickled Brussel Sprouts for the last 3 months, well they are done and waiting for Sat. Pictured from left to right. Pickled Brussel Sprouts, Jalapeno Relish, Dill Relish and Green Relish. Come by and say hi and see what is being sampled this week, I’m leaning towards the crock pickles..yummy.

Who’s Coming?

Here’s who you can expect to see this weekend! 

Fabtastic Face And Body Art: Facebook 
McSmiths Organic FarmFacebook Website
Dancey Family FarmFacebook
Debackere Farms: Email
Berry Hill Fruit FarmFacebookWebsite
Koscik Green Houses: Facebook
Harris Family Farm: Facebook Email 
Natures Perfection Shiitake Mushrooms: 519-773-9672
Empire Valley Farms:Website Facebook
Talbotville Berry Farms: FacebookWebsite
Farmgate Fresh Meats: FacebookWebsite Email
Oegema Turkey FarmFacebookWebsite Email
Frisa Farm Fresh Eggs: Email Facebook
Harris Family Farm: Facebook Email 
Palmers Maple Syrup: 519-769-2245
Spicers Bakery: Facebook Website
Krista Miller Cake Artistry & Baker:Facebook Email
Lotus Thai Restuarant: Facebook EmailWebsite 
Wildflowers Tea: Website  FacebookEmail 
Elgin Harvest: Facebook  WebsiteEmail
Grammies Creations: Facebook Email
Desserts and More: Facebook Email
The Dutch Bakery: Phone 519-631-2830
Green Leaf Gourmet: Email Website
Uncle Dad’s Pizza: FacebookWebsite Email
Megan Intven Art: Email
Shastadolphin: Facebook Email
JB Weldz Metal ArtEmail Website
From The Meadow: Email  WebsiteFacebook
Spatopia: Facebook Website Email
Scissorkitty: Facebook
Raw For Pets: Facebook Website Email 
Springwell FarmFacebook
Steve Ivan Farms Inc.
Wales Farm
Susi Q Designs
St. Thomas Public Library Website Facebook Email  Blog

Dancey Family Farm

Our favorite variety of Edamame Soybean is now available. We’ll have quarts and 3 pound bags available on Saturday morning. Lots of Ground Cherries, Heirloom Tomatoes and the small sweet peppers that were so popular last year.
What is a Ground Cherry (Physalis)?

The variety of Ground Cherry that we are growing is named Cape Gooseberry. It is neither a cherry nor a gooseberry.  Like the tomato, it is a member of the nightshade family. ‘Cape’ refers to the paper cloak it is wrapped in, which is derived from the calyx. The Chinese Lantern and Tomatillo are other cultivars within the same family.

Once the cape is removed, the fruit can be eaten raw as a snack or in salads; cooked in deserts, jams and jellies; or as an edible decoration on pastries.

When fully ripe, the ‘cherry’ is golden in color and very sweet. We also like to eat the fruit when it is slightly green and a bit less sweet. The color of the cape indicates the degree of ripeness.


Congrats Caroline Locke! Most of us can certainly relate to this photo. Bonus points for creativity :)  This weeks winner of Market Bucks! Find the manager on market morning to claim your prize. Market bucks can be used same as cash from any of our markets awesome vendors.Be creative! ANY Market related photos are welcome – your haul, your breakfast/lunch/dinner with market goods, or even a photo of yourself/kids having a good time AT the market. Anything goes!

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