A morning at the Market

Today was a great day. The Horton Farmers Market opened for the first time this year. If you have never been before you honestly don’t know what you are missing. Apart from the fact that today you could buy a pancake breakfast at a great price, most of the usual vendors were there, displaying their tempting wares for all to see.

What did we do and buy? Well, firstly we walked through the whole market first, enjoying the sights and sounds, as well as the special smell that my family have come to associate with morning, the Lotus Thai stall that just makes your mouth water as you pass by. We walk through, seeing everything and noticing new and exciting stalls before we turn around and start to buy some local food. The emphasis is on local, not shipped in from across the country or from another country, this food is fresh and local!

First on the shopping list, as always, was Uncle Dad’s pizzas. Seriously, fresh pizza at a great price? You can’t buy pizza this good at a supermarket, let alone order one at this price. Four large pizza’s please! Then we moved onto the Farmgate Market counter. English cut bacon, Italian sausage and pork schnitzel. I know what I want for breakfast tomorrow morning! A quick dash across the aisle to The Turkey Shoppe for the most excellent pepperettes in the world, spicy turkey. These do not last long in my house because well, everyone seems to love them. Two packets might last two days, if we aren’t at home too often. Krista Miller is a new addition to the market, selling her cakes and and comes very good looking cookies. We were lucky to drag the boys away with only a cookie each. The final stop, the inevitable one really, was at the Lotus Thai stall to pick up some flower cookies.

The Horton Farmers Market is a great place to meet friends, discover new and interesting foods and items, sample some of the great food and also support a local economy by buying good food locally.

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