Despite cool weather, last week was our busy opening weekend in market history! Thanks to all that braved the chilly air and brisk winds to join us. Over the next few weeks you’ll see more and more local products filling our tables. Let’s hope this sunshine continues and fields keep greening up.

See you this weekend!

Locally yours,
Shawn DeVree
The Horton Farmers Market

What’s in Season:

Maple Syrup:

Fun Food Facts

  • Italy may be famous for pizza, but Canada is famous for our maple syrup. Here in Ontario, we use it to make maple sugar, maple fudge, maple butter and more!  Today there are over 400 maple syrup producers.
  • Maple syrup makes good-for-you foods like French toast, pancakes and waffles taste terrific.

Brain Teaser

Ontario Maple syrup is terrific because:

a) It’s so sticky that you can use it to hold school projects together when you can’t find tape.

b) We can support local farmers by buying maple syrup produced right here in Ontario.

c) It’s runny—which is a good excuse for pouring a little extra on your pancakes!

Answer: b and well, okay, c too!

Eat it up!

For a fun day outdoors you can enjoy with your family each spring, attend a maple festival in your area. Visit the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association website and scroll down to “Maple Festivals” on the left.

Here’s a new way to enjoy the Ontario maple syrup you bring home: Mix fresh Ontario berries, Ontario peach slices or stewed Ontario rhubarb with a little maple syrup. Use as a topping on French toast or yogurt.

Who’s Coming?:We have so many new vendors coming this season! Don’t fret, your favourites will still be there to great you as well!
In order to keep our newsletters neat and tidy, we will be publishing our vendor list weekly on our website, check it out here if you’d like an up to date list to see who’s coming!


This weekend we welcome Noa Manning! If you know of someone who may be interesting in playing music at the market, please have them email the manager, there are still some weekends available.

What’s Happening:


Mini Marketeers:

Last week over 50 kids planted Giant Sunflower seeds by 10:30 am! This week, we’re going to keep the green thumb growing. Join our student volunteers under the Friends of the Market tent inside the building to learn about growing lettuce. A fast grower, from tiny seed to on your plate in no time! Each child takes home their own peat pod with a freshly planted lettuce seed. Grow indoors or plant in your own garden! Limited to 50 children, come early! 

Silent Auction:
We are pleased to be donating $35 in Market Bucks to the local Caring Cupboard after last weeks Silent Auction event.

Market Bucks:

Thank you to Photos By MG for swinging by the market last week! You’ve won yourself $15 in Market Bucks for posting this album to our facebook page. Want to win next week? Tag yourself or Check in with your Smart Phone this weekend for a chance to win – or submit a photo (by email or facebook)!

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